We’re about to turn 1: a tantrum worthy of a toddler is brewing!

It is unbelievable to your Yokel gals the lengths to which some of these people will go to in defending Blaine Young. A look at the paper today reveals an LTE, short and sweet. It’s so short it would have fit in one little block quote. Some lady admonishing the FNP for being mean.

Can we just ask? Why is nothing ever their fault? Kirby can make an ass of himself on a public forum, and it’s other people’s problem for noticing. Blaine allegedly can’t keep his pants zipped anywhere for any reason at a time period lasting for decades, and WE are the ones embarrassing his family (!!!!) according to the unwavering logical fallacy that is the hallmark of the County Council Watch page. Oh, and by-the-by, if you aren’t following the County Council Watch Watch, you should be! It will save you having to peek at the condition of that festering boil on the butt of the county.

And guess what, dear “Area Woman” of the Watch Watch! We don’t even have to be the voyeurs to your exhibitionist friend group. There is an entire network of concerned citizens who just occasionally lets us know when something interesting is going on. It’s just that simple. Probably they let everyone and their mother know about the same stuff, but the Baltimore Sun is staffed and paid to call everyone for comment. We’re just leading you to the same public information you could find any old time, but the internet made it faster. Like the White Pages. Remember when you had to look in a book? Well, no longer. Same with court records, Woman.

When we started this group one of our goals was to poke fun at the local mess so that maybe more people would be willing to pay attention to local politics. It’s absolutely not our fault if your weirdo sideshow makes the best scandals. Too bad that “Mexican” food for dinner is too boring to capture anyone’s imagination. Multiple sex scandals (even more than one with hookers), repeatedly doing stuff so dumb that the A.P. runs stories about how dumb you are, or the “je ne sais quoi” Billy contributes to the Honey Boo Boo vibe of Frederick county are just plain fascinating.

Get ahold of yourself, Woman!
Get ahold of yourself, Woman!

This matter of going after people’s kids. No one is going after kids, except for Area Woman trying to suggest it would be fine to persecute ours. We are absolutely in agreement with Blaine’s deleted Facebook apology (the one the Baltimore Sun screen capped and distributed like common stalkers, hahah!): his family and romantic partner(s?) need space. However, if a john’s kids feel ashamed by his gross behavior, that’s a john’s fault and he should have thought about that before breaking the law. It seems like there have been ample opportunities to learn this lesson:

Keep your crazy tucked in, people. And your other stuff, too, while you’re at it.

2 thoughts on “We’re about to turn 1: a tantrum worthy of a toddler is brewing!

  1. Well done! The yahoo’s at the watch were content to ignore the Blaine story, as they any story line that doesn’t fit their worldview. Then someone posted it … and crickets. It took someone pointing out the lack of response for the usual suspects to find their words. Of course, they were all about denial and blame the messenger with not a single negative comment about the perp himself. Inbelievable

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