What does this week have in store for us? Your October 25th drinking game.

Among charges of sexual harassment and the County Executive targeting Billy’s relatives we have another county council meeting. The closer to the election we get, the more out of control Shrelauter becomes. So brace yourselves dear readers, for we fear the worst is yet to come. As always, remember this game is for entertainment purposes only. We don’t want anyone ending up in the detox tank!


Poor little bunny just couldn't take it anymore.
Poor little bunny just couldn’t take it anymore.

We start off with Public Comment and a new disclaimer about budget adjustments:

The Council will not discuss individual Budget Adjustment items and will vote on all the Budget Adjustments in the form of one motion. Council Members wishing to discuss one or more of the Budget Adjustments shall make a request to the President at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting, stating the issue(s) to be addressed and requesting administration staff be present for discussion of that budget adjustment. Provided a majority of the Council support the request, the item will be subject to discussion by the Council.

Well what about those council members who don’t bother to read anything until they sit down for the meeting? Jeeze, isn’t this discriminatory against those who, in the spirit of Donald Trump, do not believe preparation is necessary? When you hear something along those lines have yourself a nice cool Something in the Whey.

Next up is the 2nd reading on changes to the noise ordinance. The High Sheriff is very much in favor of this. Billy is the only one adding “unreasonable amendments” at this point. We’ll most likely hear some stories from the public regarding issues they’ve had with their neighbors. So sit back and sip on your Monkey Gland, and we’ll see how this all goes down during the 3rd reading.

Now we are all going to have to brace ourselves for this part of the evening. Lori Depies and Doug Browning are going to give a presentation about Citizens and Montevue. Shrelauter has been going off at the mouth about this for months and months. We hope that Ms. Depies and Mr. Browning are prepared for the certain onslaught they are going to recieve from our two favorite nincompoops. We are glad this is settled, so in Ms. Depies and Mr. Brownings honor, mix up a batch of About Thyme.

Everyone reconvenes at 6:00. (Guess Billy won the war on the time.) From what we’ve seen in the paper and Facebook pages about the Downtown Hotel project, we are probably in store for a long hearing about the MOU tonight. Settle in and make a large bowl of Ambassador’s Punch. Since it’s probably going to take an Ambassador’s touch to get the pro and con people to come together.

There’s no doubt that Council Member comments will be something to behold this evening. To avoid any permanent liver damage, grab yourself a can of your favorite fruit flavored sparkling water and re-hydrate!

One thought on “What does this week have in store for us? Your October 25th drinking game.

  1. I was surprised to hear ( FNP Article on Trump photo opp w/Shreve & FC Cub scouts) that Billy Shreve was once a boy scout at some level. If so, why does CC Billy fail to live & practice the Scout Law and the Scout Oath? Are these two guiding principals just hollow words or a road map to living a life of good character?


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