Billy is going to bend the county council procedures to his whims!! Your April 26th county council workshop edition.

Zeus give us strength!
Zeus give us strength!


No meeting this week, however, the council will be having a workshop this afternoon. On the agenda is the county attorney’s answer to how to amend the charter, an opportunity for any and all council members to submit any and all budget amendments (hear that Billy, Kirby and Tony…any and all!) and some more discussion on county council procedures. Here’s the full document, let’s take a peek at something Billy wants changed:

2016-04-24 (3)

Three Is a Magic Number! Wonder why, three…hmmmmmm.

Can you image some items that would be included under Billy’s “New Business” section? Is it time for a poll?


Poor Billy, feeling so sidelined this time around. There’s many more changes suggested so be sure to take a look. We’ll let you know what happens!



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