Senator Billy? BAAHAAAHAAA!

So do we!!!

Rumors have been swirling for months that this would happen: Billy has announced his bid for Maryland State Senator! And LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Who told him that was a good idea? He couldn’t handle the responsibilities of a county council member, but he wants to go to Annapolis to show the whole state how truly incompetent he is? WE THINK NOT!

So, in honor of all the unbelievably stupid things Billy has done during his tenure on the county council, we have complied a list of his greatest hits. This is in no way a comprehensive compilation of his glaring incompetence (if you want that just go to our blog and type his name in!), however, it should be enough to give even the most ignorant voter pause.

Remember when Billy wanted a People’s Court? That’s right he thought it would be a good idea if citizens could go before the council so they could resolve their disputes. You know, kind of like the Frederick County District Court system.

We would rather go before the Imperial Magistrates of the Quintessons than let Billy Shreve solve our disputes!

Let’s not forget all the wedding venue drama in which Billy took to Facebook to blame it all on the County Executive.

It’s all so curious that Billy still tags Blaine in any post related to county government business. Is he still in search of his guiding hand? Perhaps Blaine is the one encouraging Billy to run against his father. As we’ve reported before, the Young family  has whole lot of drama.

Before Billy was banned from writing for the Woodsboro Times, he liked to write some pretty incredible stuff. Take a peek.

Billy likes to do things like “update facts”. We know, try not to choke as you read through this one.

Of course you don’t want to, but please check out the brain on Billy.

King of the Deplorables!

Way back in October 2015, he called Jan a compulsive gambler because he didn’t like the way she ran the county government.

Billy was chairman of the local Republican Central Committee for a year. Read to see how well that went!!!

And finally, read our post asking, “What is Billy qualified to do?”.

If you have your own Billy story, please share it on our Facebook page. We need to spread the word far and wide that we do not want this guy representing us in Annapolis!