The legacy of one Chairman Shreve.

Almost one year ago we brought you the news of Billy’s coup to become leader of the local Republican Central Committee.  Well, it seems that ol’ Billy is going to be stepping down as chairman. So that begs the question: How did the Republican Central Committee fare under Billy’s steady hand?


That good! Quelle Surprise!
That good? Quelle surprise!

According to an article in today’s FNP, not well at all! First there’s talk of rewriting bylaws to remove an elected member of the committee. What kind of motivation would they have for raising this issue right now? Are there lots and lots of reasons? Yes! There are!

Some of the bigger ones may stem from continued concerns about campaign finance issues, which were reported in an FNP article from October 12th. Issues which required the Maryland Republican Party to bail out the Frederick County Republican Central Committee to avoid having the Federal Election Commission put them in the naughty corner.

This is no biggie to Billy, though. He has finally admitted that he’s actually a progressive at heart. Who knew?! In fact, the entire Republican Central Committee embraces change. They roll with in on the regular. Learn something new every day:

“Through the course of time, we change things,” Shreve said. “… In general, the central committee, since I’ve been on it, has had turnover of about one person per year.”

That’s right folks! We change things! Tis the way of the world. And finally, who can parse out what Delegate Afzali is saying here? Maybe she is getting at another small problem with the local leadership that lead them to consider coup d’etat part deux.

“The Republican party locally just lost every local race on the ballot and, instead of building the party, members of the local party are forming circular firing squads and attacking elected members,” Afzali said. “Billy should realize his antics on the council and in the committee are in part why people are so disgusted with Frederick County politics.”

Nothing to see here folks!
Nothing to see here folks!

Man, oh man, what a hot mess! We don’t know whether to laugh or cry over all of this. Wait a minute: LAUGH! Laugh and laugh and laugh (we all need to laugh right now)! The crazy is hanging out all over the place, people!!! Tuck it in! Don’t let it touch anything else!


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