Thanks Blaine!
Thanks Blaine!

To keep y’all informed we like to look at Councilman Billy Shreve’s Facebook page. It’s public for all to see, and you would think it’s there to keep his constituents informed. Mostly it’s a bunch of grandstanding nonsense. However, something has caught our eye lately. Billy likes to tag people at the end of his posts. We would hazard to guess these are people whom he thinks are directly involved with whatever the rant of the day may be. Look at this sampling and see if you can see a pattern:

2016-05-18 (3)

2016-05-18 (5)

2016-05-18 (6)

2016-05-18 (7)

Blaine Young, every time. We can understand the others (why no C.Paul Smith though, did they break up?), but why Blaine? Isn’t he on some kind of hiatus? What say you Councilman Shreve?