Please don’t…on second thought this could be so fun for us!!!

What indeed!!!

Yesterday, we brought you news of the Facebook family drama that was going on between the different factions of the Young family. The Frederick News Post also wrote a little about it. Most families, after they were made aware that lots of people were looking, would perhaps take pause, maybe even delete the post or at the very least STOP ADDING TO THE DRAMA!  Well, none of those things happened! Before we show you a little snippet of what surely belongs in a family therapist’s folder, let’s take a short trip down memory lane.

You may remember a few months back when the rumor mill was buzzing that Blaine was going to run for mayor of Frederick. We did a post enlightening him to the fact that we do not have the Electoral College here and the Democrat vs. Republican ratio, plus his sordid past would not equal a victory in a city election. And he was all like: “I’m not running for anything, how does this stuff get started”? Well, this is how this stuff gets started:

We hear ya Susan!


Really, Blaine. Did you even see the movie?

WOW! This is August:Osage County level family dysfunction.  First of all, Blaine your past will be brought up in any election you run in. We here at the Yokel will not let anyone forget about all the terrible things you did while on the BOCC. No one up here has a sudden case of amnesia concerning your prostitution arrest nor do we believe your excuse that you were just looking for a quick massage. Like the judge said, any 12 year-old boy could have discerned what the ad you answered was selling. Also, how about learning the names of the districts  BEFORE announcing your intention to run for one of them? We took the liberty of doing a quick check in with the governor to see whether or not he wants  your help:

He looks scared!

5 thoughts on “Please don’t…on second thought this could be so fun for us!!!

  1. “You’re.” “Here.” “Other’s. “Is it really so hard, Blaine?

    Honestly, given how much “Young Family Dynasty” talk there was in the last election, perhaps we can elect someone new and fresh to District 3A.


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