What’s going on at Councilman Billy Shreve’s Facebook page? More than you can imagine.

Now look what you've done Billy! You've gotten Sweetums in a tizzy!
Now look what you’ve done Billy! You’ve gotten Sweetums in a tizzy!

If you want to keep up on Billy’s perspective of what’s going on in the county, then please look up Councilman Billy Shreve’s page on Facebook. Don’t worry you don’t have to friend him, it’s public for all the world to see. We decided to hop on over and see how his  gun safety class went. And according to his posts, which include videos, not so good! First off, we have a TV segment about the class in which it appears that only Billy and one other person showed up. And secondly, if you have about 10 minutes, you can watch Billy shoot in the dark and get reprimanded for not following instructions. You’ll have to scroll down a few posts to see it.

Another post that caught our eye was some more wedding venue drama. It has to do with the property in Emmitsburg that we wrote about a few weeks back. We asked why Billy and Kirby weren’t championing this cause. Well, Kirby hasn’t piped up, despite this property being in his district, but Billy sure has:

Frederick County Council Member Billy Shreve said he believes someone is targeting event venues in the county, trying to get them shut down.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Shreve said. “It’s bad for business, and it’s bad for Frederick County.”


Shreve said the blame rests with County Executive Jan Gardner.

Jan’s response?:

Egendi (sic) Estates near Emmitsburg sought approval in 2014 for a wedding venue and was unanimously denied by the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals after a public hearing process. Neighbors opposed this application. Until Egendi has an approval by the Frederick County Board of Appeals for a special exception use, they cannot legally operate as a wedding venue. To the best of my knowledge, they have not applied for a new approval from the Frederick County Board of Appeals. It is important to recognize that the denial of this business happened during the prior administration (not this administration).

Well, well, well it’s a good thing Billy is out there playing the blame game. For how else will we ever see results in this county? It’s really perplexing to us why any business would seek Billy or Kirby out to help them out with Frederick politics. For it seems they could only be hurting their cause. Edit: we have no reason to suspect that this business has sought Shreve’s attention; only noting that those who have sought it out may want to carefully consider whether this buffoon does them more harm than good.


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