We’ve been on the wagon during the summer hiatus drinking game edition

Guess who’s back? Yokel’s back. Back again. Yokel’s back. Tell your friends…
And none too soon. Here’s your agenda, but the game rules are different because apparently a bunch of dodo heads thought we were becoming a sanctuary county tonight and they’ve had to inform everyone that Nuh-Uh. It isn’t even on the agenda. How do computers work anyway?

  • So two rules to this easy re-entry to the game:
  • drink if you were duped
  • drink a fifth of Jim Beam through a beer bong if it was by the Conservative Club (or any of their friends)

On that note, here is the real agenda. The Actual Agenda

So much for the straight talk!

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! What are you doing?



Not one but two friends of the Yokel have alerted us to a campaign mailer sent out by our favorite  council member who is running for County Executive. If you get what appears to be a tax notice, it might actually be a solicitation for a donation.


Here is the enclosed letter.




It sounds like he has a plan for Senior Tax Credits. We aren’t going to fixate on that right now. We remember that Kirby and Jerry had dueling bills for senior tax credits and they were supposedly working together to revise their bills into one bill. We aren’t sure what happened with that cooperation. But what about his statement that he will reduce property taxes? The property rate has not been raised! If you saw an increase it was because the value of your home increased. Is he really going to reduce your rate or is he going to ensure that property values all over the county drop if he is elected? So much for straight talk there. He can say he is going to roll back taxes all he wants, but it won’t be to reduce a recent increase.

Next, Kirby is going back to his favorite soapbox of a public-private partnership to build schools. This course of action was not adopted by the current council because in the end it is hugely a more expensive option to build our schools. Remember or remind yourself of the details here. 

Kirby’s pledge to continue to take a stand against illegal immigrants is just bluster.  We are not a sanctuary city or county and he is just fear mongering. What specific harmful and dangerous policies is he talking about? We have tried to figure this out before and we aren’t the only ones.

We really think Kirby should change his motto. Straight Talk/Straight Answers seems to encompass the opposite of his actions thus far on the council. We have no hope that he will change his ways if elected County Executive.



This momo with the hashtag is confused again.

Since Donald a l’Orange started terrifying some members of the Latino community in Houston, rapes being reported are down more than 40%. Now Occam’s razor that. Did more than 40% of the rapists get magically beamed into prison? Hell to the naw. Those women are more scared of ICE coming and separating them or their spouses from their kids than they are of a rapist, so now they don’t call the terrifying police.

Do you know what happens when a criminal isn’t apprehended because the crime isn’t reported? Do they probably wake up the next day and turn into a nice non-violent person the morning after they raped some rich lady’s undocumented nanny? Or is this a more likely scenario. The rapey person (regardless of country of origin) is maybe going to climb in your window at night and assault someone like you or your daughter (regardless of your citizenship status as well)? NB: There’s absolutely nothing saying the person victimizing these ladies isn’t the head of the household where she works, who knows full well he can get away with it like a common ladycrotch grabbing “modern day presidential” person. Very possible, even though certain people assume the bad people are the scary boogeymen from Mexico described by Trump on the campaign trail. Here is one of about seven bazillion articles explaining that immigrants are less crime prone than the population as a whole.

The reason Texas cities are fighting to keep sanctuary policies is because they help everyone. It’s a true shame Sheriff Jenkins took that damned field trip down to the border and somehow came back having learned nothing about all of this.

Police chiefs in six big Texas cities — Arlington, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio — vocally opposed the Senate bill, even as it won support from rural and suburban voters. Major Texan hubs like Dallas and Fort Worth are now torn between continuing policies they say make their cities safer and economically vibrant and enforcing the letter of the law and moving to deport anyone who may have entered the country illegally.

So police chiefs from 3 of the 10 largest cities in America are on that list of people who don’t want to see sanctuary city policies abolished. People with lots of first hand experience here. And then here is Kirby Delauter on the subject, and he is actually paying to spread this message as a Sponsored Facebook post, wherein the subtext is “I am a total simpleton and think nothing through.”

This is a serious issue. This man is seriously unable to handle anything more sophisticated than a party line talking point. Oh la la. 258 likes, though.


Local Yokel’s favorite thing about the super cool ESSL is Frederick County kids getting this lesson: if someone tells you something is true, you must ask, “What is your evidence?” If they have none, they are just talking. Isn’t that brill? Long story short. Be quiet, hashtag.

Lock your doors Alderman O’Connor! Kirby’s coming…with friends!

One nice thing we can say about #kirbydelauter is that he’s always good for a laugh! Whether he’s crafting tear drop flow charts that are impossible to decipher or word smithing about excrement slamming into wind chimes, he never ceases to amuse us. Of course, it would be a lot more funny if he wasn’t in any position of authority in our county. But hey, in today’s world, we have to get our jollies where we can. Here is this weekend’s comic relief:


giphy (2).gif

Whew!!! Once again Kirby knee jerk reacts to an issue that he obviously doesn’t understand. We can only assume that he’s pontificating about an article in yesterday’s paper about making Frederick a sanctuary city. What does that entail asks thee? Basically, it entails law enforcement and other governmental entities not asking about an individual’s immigration status. Kinda similar to the military’s no ask no tell policy concerning gay service members. And guess what Kirby? If you bothered to read this article all the way through, instead of just singling out Michael O’Connor’s name, you would have seen that the Frederick Police department has already codified this policy. Here’s what the good alderman had to say about the proposal to adopt this policy across all levels of city government:

“For me, it’s a statement of support for the residents of our community who work, who live, who go to school, who pay taxes … in the city,” he said. “The reality is, for people in our community who are here, regardless of their documentation, they should not have to live in fear.”

So, we aren’t just letting people come into our house uninvited? That’s not what he meant? Why is Kirby always getting things so very wrong?

In other what the what news: If you’ve driven down Route 340 recently, you’ve probably seen a huge black and yellow billboard yelling at Senator Ronald Young for being a big meanie to Governor Hogan.According to said billboard, Senator Young has gotten his legislative role oh so very wrong. Doesn’t he know that, as a legislator, he’s supposed to be against all the legislation the governor no likey? Just like Congress did when Obama was president! Well, said billboard leads you to a cray cray website that shows just who paid for said eyesore (Side note: try not to put so many words on a billboard in which drivers are speeding by people!):




These people have cutesy little names for everything!  Let’s try to break all these “harmful” bills down. The Sunshine Tax, fact checked here by the Baltimore Sun, is a piece of legislation requiring energy providers to get a larger percentage of their energy from renewable sources. The potential costs to taxpayers? .48 to $1.45 a month! Makes you wonder who was lobbying to get this sidelined. Doesn’t seem like that’s going to drain the ole family coffers. The rain tax is a nickname that’s been driving your Lady Yokels crazy for a few years now. It’s called the Storm-water Management fee people!  It has to do with impermeable surfaces. You know the surfaces that rain can’t penetrate? Houston has a huge flooding problem because of them. The danger in Maryland is not only flooding, but water pollution. When the water doesn’t get filtered through the soil all the mess it’s mixed with on land goes right into the water. And Governor Hogan’s repeal, wasn’t really a repeal y’all. We still need to comply with the EPA regulations.  Now what about the scary sounding Road Kill bill? Well, that’s hyperbolic nonsense as well. You can read it here, but it’s basically a system for scoring transportation projects. And according to the Maryland Reporter:

To drive home the point that the new law gives Hogan carte blanche to do as he pleases, lawmakers added this concluding sentence: “[N]othing in this Act may be constructed to prohibit or prevent the funding of the capital transportation priorities in each jurisdiction.”

In other words, Hogan can fund whichever road, bridge and transit projects he wants regardless of the score it receives.

All he’s gotta do is give “a rational basis for the decision. . . in writing.”

Like, “it will make the road safer.” Or “it will reduce traffic congestion.” Or “it will help economic development.”

We are baffled as to why the Maryland Republicans are against the creation of a commission to oversee and recommend redistricting recommendations. We suppose they must have some of those famous reasons we keep hearing about.

So curious as to why the Maryland Republican Party would spend their money on a billboard and website attacking Senator Young in a non-election year.  We also hear from our fans that the Maryland Repubs are running ads on WFMD attacking both Jan and Ron over the downtown hotel. But hey, who are we to tell them what to waste  spend their money on?  Guess they are counting on their cutesy “scare words” to get everyone worked up. Took us about fifteen minutes to refute everything on that website. We can only hope that those who read that billboard will do their due diligence…or at least read our blog.