So much for the straight talk!

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby! What are you doing?



Not one but two friends of the Yokel have alerted us to a campaign mailer sent out by our favorite  council member who is running for County Executive. If you get what appears to be a tax notice, it might actually be a solicitation for a donation.


Here is the enclosed letter.




It sounds like he has a plan for Senior Tax Credits. We aren’t going to fixate on that right now. We remember that Kirby and Jerry had dueling bills for senior tax credits and they were supposedly working together to revise their bills into one bill. We aren’t sure what happened with that cooperation. But what about his statement that he will reduce property taxes? The property rate has not been raised! If you saw an increase it was because the value of your home increased. Is he really going to reduce your rate or is he going to ensure that property values all over the county drop if he is elected? So much for straight talk there. He can say he is going to roll back taxes all he wants, but it won’t be to reduce a recent increase.

Next, Kirby is going back to his favorite soapbox of a public-private partnership to build schools. This course of action was not adopted by the current council because in the end it is hugely a more expensive option to build our schools. Remember or remind yourself of the details here. 

Kirby’s pledge to continue to take a stand against illegal immigrants is just bluster.  We are not a sanctuary city or county and he is just fear mongering. What specific harmful and dangerous policies is he talking about? We have tried to figure this out before and we aren’t the only ones.

We really think Kirby should change his motto. Straight Talk/Straight Answers seems to encompass the opposite of his actions thus far on the council. We have no hope that he will change his ways if elected County Executive.



Post President’s Day drinking game-Get your shot glasses ready!

Busy week here in the county!!! First off we have a regular legislative day on the 16th and then a joint BOE meeting on the 17th. The agenda looks juicy, so grab it here and play  with caution. No alcohol poisoning.  We need all the Yokels we can get in this upcoming election season!

Budget transfers have been going pretty well lately. However, the library is on the list this week! And you know how thoughts of reading and learning really get some of our councilmen in a tizzy. Slam back an Attitude Adjustment if you hear any negative thoughts about the fancy learning that the libraries afford us. We can dream that change can happen, can’t we?!

Next up are appointments. If anyone decides to take to behave like a U.S. Senator threatening to block a Supreme Court justice, shoot back two, yes two glassfuls of  Four Horsemen.

Look how happy Billy is with his prop! Photo: Bill Green, FNP.
Look how happy Billy is with his prop! Photo: Bill Green, FNP.

Time to discuss deer hunting and crop damage. Should be interesting.  Not sure where to take this one, so just sip upon your  Ratty Ol’Deer Head whenever you hear the word deer.

Great Helena, Zeus, Poseidon, and Sappho please hear all of our combined cries for mercy!!!!! It’s time for the dead horse ethics discussion. There just isn’t any way that we will get through this without any nonsense, is there? No Kirby you cannot profit off the county until 2018!!! And no more teacher/BOE conflict of interest talk!! NONE!!! Set up a row of Cement Kickers and drink as much as you need to calm your nerves!!

Maybe we will get lucky and Gumption the Dragon will make another appearance at tonight’s meeting. She’s really keen on the Narconon and really, really hates this special exception bill. If we are lucky enough to spot this local celebrity, treat yourself to some Dragon’s blood.

Let’s just lump impact fees and school construction into one category shall we?  If Kirby makes the big reveal about how he’s going to single-handily fix our education problems mix up some Too Cool for School, since we suspect his plan has something to do with dismantling public education.