Kirby is absent, Billy doesn’t write his amendments and we have a FY 2018 budget!

County Executive contender, #kirbydelauter, is soaking up the rays and couldn’t be with us this evening. Kind of makes you wonder if he will run out of town during important CE meetings. Because it doesn’t get much more serious than voting on the budget.

Our evening starts off very nicely, recognizing the fine teachers in our county.

Billy is in fine form tonight. And by fine we mean awful. He jumps down the throat of the Public Works representative for not investigating blasting for removing rock for a fire station. Perplexed, the representative says there isn’t much rock to be removed and most of the reason this project is over budget is because they switched the doors on the building. Billy won’t let it go, “Didn’t you investigate blasting?” Not the issue, but he thinks it is, so I guess everyone has to entertain his fantasies? Billy is the only one that votes against this budget adjustment.

Billy votes against the minutes. There’s two public hearings for block amendments. Both pass 6-0-1(for the absent contender for County Executive).

The Solar Panel bill is finally up for a vote. And even though Billy tried to amend it last go around, he is undeterred! First two amendments fail. Jessica asks him if he really meant to put forth the third one, to which he replies, “Good catch! I didn’t write them.” That’s right he didn’t write the amendments that he is spewing forth! (Take our poll to speculate wildly on who does!) All the rest of his amendments to this bill fail.

So very stupid!

Billy isn’t done talking. Says that the solar panels at Mt. St. Mary’s and Ft. Detrick would not be allowed if this bill were in place. To which M.C. says is simply not true! He continues to try and argue his very wrong point, but let’s jump to the end. We now have a solar panel bill, so Central Pennsylvania will have to take down all those billboards thanking Frederick County for killing solar.

An amendment to restrict the timeline for zoning restrictions during an election year is made, so it will go back to a public hearing. Tony is not a fan of this bill. Says it assumes that people aren’t good-natured and that we should just shut the government down the July before an election. Of course the council doesn’t do anything else! And great Zeus’ beard, Tony, don’t pretend that you don’t know why this is being proposed! Just take a look at the Oakdale and Urbana school districts, people! Billy tries to add some more amendments. Says he really likes the idea of removing two laws for every one that is passed. (Maybe Billy should check the news to see how very bigly bad Trump is doing these days.) All fail, again.

Look what you did to Mr. Sniffles!


The hearing will be held on June 6th.

Dog tethering law passes, after more failed amendments from Billy. Billy wants us to know that IF he were a dog he would prefer to be leashed outside for ten hours than to be kept in a kennel all day. Just FYI! Tony talks about his free-range dogs and doesn’t know how it can be enforced. Jerry tells them that Animal Control says they don’t see a problem with enforcement so he’d rather take their word on the issue. Passes 4-2.

We are in and out of the rest of the meeting but we can tell you this:

The Budget has passed!!! So now we get to take a collective sigh of relief !

Take one dip and be done with it!

The beginning of the meeting was oh so predictable. Shreve abstains on the budget adjustments and then votes no on the minutes. However, we do have one question. Where is this guy?:

Where’s Kirby?

It’s the second week in a row that we’ve been left without his council member comments and insights. Hopefully that will rectify itself next week.

There’s a first reading on the solar panel bill, more on that later.

Then it’s off to the Small Business Real Property Credit and whoa man are we soothsayers or something because in our drinking game we predicted that our beloved Party O’Lincolners would cause trouble and disappoint they did not. This bill is being amended to clarify some language and to add the stipulation that if the property is subject to a TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) then the business would not be eligible for this credit. In other words, NO DOUBLE DIPPING in the coffers of the tax payers.

Pretty simple concept for most!

Well, in their best mansplaining tones, Billy and Tony want to know why businesses in TIF zones (that have already received a tax break) are being discriminated against. Isn’t there some magic pot of money where these businesses can be given a second break? Hell, why don’t we get rid of the taxes altogether, Fellas?! Isn’t it just theft? M.C., the county lawyer and a representative from the Economic Opportunity Office (all women holla!)  jump in to tell them that not only were the stipulations for this credit set forth in Annapolis but that what they were suggesting was highly unusual. Jerry says that you can’t give away the same dollar twice and we hear Billy mutter: “Yeah ya can”. Since this bill was amended, a 2nd reading will occur on the 7th with a final vote on the 21st.

Once again Billy votes against going into closed session. Someone explain that one to us..please!

Master of Rhetoric Shreve has some really good points to make this evening. SIKE! He’s just as awful and terrible as he always is.You know that solar panel bill that had the first reading tonight?  Well, it’s total crap! According to Billy we should just say we don’t want solar panel facilities in this county and just shut the book on it! Did you people know that there hasn’t been a pro-business bill passed in this county for 2 years!!! It’s absolutely 100% true! Billy suggests we go out to all the Frederick County welcome signs and hang “Close for Business” upon them. Bud asks Billy, “Is that all?” Which is a very gentile way of saying STFU.

Jerry is a grown up. Jessica is a grown up. Applauds Billy’s interest in the solar panel issue and looks forward to his “input”. M.C.’s comments show Billy for the anti-farmer candidate that he is. She explains to him that the restrictions in the solar panel bill  were crafted based on input from area farmers who very selfishly want to make sure that we have enough land to grow food. You know so we don’t all starve to death! Bud hands out perfect attendance awards for the first two years and we think you can guess which Three Amigos did not get one.  Looking forward to the Facebook tirades over that!


Better go grab that liquor before it’s all gone! Your December 6th drinking fun!


If you had a chance to see last Sunday’s paper, you would have noticed a front page story and an editorial about the dysfunction  Kirby and Billy cause on our beloved county council. The big story this evening is the election of a county council president and vice president. No one seems to know which way the wind is blowing on this one, so your Lady Yokels are very, very nervous. Not because Kirby and/or Billy could obtain either one of those positions, but because of the potential for some flinging o’ the insults. Grab your agenda and let’s start from the beginning.

If there is any drama during the public comments, budget transfers, approval of minutes or confirmation of the County Executive appointment, take really big gulps of your Failure cocktail.

Now for the drama of the evening. Straight from the Charter here are the steps necessary to vote for the president and  vice president:

2016-12-04 (2).png

We are nervous too Pancakes!

Do you see why your Lady Yokels are nervous?! There is no way in Hades’ cold underworld that this is going to go well. Every single time one of the three potential trouble makers (that’s right we said three!) cause some drama guzzle down your Jack Frost. Things are about to get super icy in Winchester Hall!

Believe it or not they are going to try and do some more work after this! There’s the first reading of a bill to give small businesses a real property tax credit. Now, Billy and Kirby commonly lament the plight of the small business owner. But alas, a Democrat has introduced it so there’s no way they can support it now! If any objections are made, and none should be made during a first reading, slam back a Fall of Rome. 

Motion to go into closed session will be voted against by the resident fool. And onto public comment we go.

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