Who is calling the county council rudderless?

Right this way folks!
Right this way folks!

We are all familiar with last week’s county council meeting’s outcome. The Monrovia Town Center process is starting over from the beginning. We wrote about it, the Frederick News Post wrote about it and today Billy wrote about it:


Great Gods on Mount Olympus hear our cries for mercy!!!! So many things to point out here folks. Let’s do a nice bullet list:

  1. Why is Billy using the Fox News lie “Fair and Balanced”?
  2. Paul Smith very specifically said in his letter that he WOULD not submit an affidavit. And refused to even talk about it with the Frederick News Post. Why would he come and testify before the county council?
  3. Then there’s Blaine who said it was a “boldface lie” that he was invited. But somehow his fellow BOCC member, David Gray, was able to find out the day of the hearing and had no problem standing in line to testify. Maybe Blaine feels as though he needs a special engraved invitation to speak.
  4. And Kirby…what the hell are you talking about rudderless? Perhaps he needs one of these:
It's under R.
It’s under R.

Finally Billy uses this quote from the judge’s order:

Read the Judges instructions on page 3, the last 3 lines: “Therefore, this Court must remand the matter to the County for further proceedings, including testimony, to resolve the issues raised in this Opinionhttp://www.frederickcountymd.gov/DocumentCenter/View/280736

I don’t see how this proves his point. In fact it seems to support starting the process over. This is how the council has chosen to deal with the problems with the record, these two need to get over it and get on board. The vessel isn’t rudderless. Just because you don’t like the course, Kirby and Billy, doesn’t mean it isn’t going anywhere.

Maybe these guys need to stop using social media. Then again, it provides us with an endless source of information.

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