Feast your eyes on the worst flow chart in the history of forever!

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been wondering where our old pal #KirbyDelauter’s been hiding out. Thankfully (?), he’s emerged! Last night he attended a meeting concerning the Monocacy River, and he is not going to be a grown up about it:


Ain’t he cute folks? Instead of doing what an elected official is supposed to do, you know come into a situation with an open mind ready to listen to other opinions, etc. et al., we get that. Guess it’s all a part of that Brave New World we are living in. Wished that’s where it ended but naw…


Matt Suebert: BAD! Suzan Thompson: GOOD! Don’t you just love this running commentary? Here is the piece de resistance:


Anonymous Lady stop sciencing all over Kirby!!! You’re making him feel like a crackhead!  Kirby was super, super busy today:


If your head hurts after reading all that you are NOT alone. Well this little post was the lead in to what has got to be the most GOD AWFUL flowchart in the history of humanity:


Is that a teardrop? Because it is #SAD! Why does Jessica end up with all the money? Poor Jerry gets screwed, but he still has to donate to Jessica. M.C. and Jan are exchanging money so we guess it evens out. Jan is giving Carole’s money to Jessica. Bob and Jan are exchanging money and you guessed it…giving it to Jessica. And Jessica just takes, takes, takes!  We here at the Yokel had the tears of laughter flowing trying to discern this. Maybe this is the best way to express it:


Welcome back #! You’ve certainly made up for time lost!

17 thoughts on “Feast your eyes on the worst flow chart in the history of forever!

  1. Wait … was he on facebook posting insults about the constituency during the meeting?

    Also, he potentially has very nice penmanship.


  2. Poor BoB, the only one with 4 out arrows. He is supporting every one and ever thing. He’s the only one putting money in the PAC and that Darn PAC is keeping all of it.


  3. Just FYI…there is not now, nor ever was, a Citizens for Quailty of Life PAC. Also, CQL hasn’t been around for, oh, maybe 10 years. Oh, and I do not recall money flowing to me from Jan. It all seems very surreal. Perhaps it is Kirby’s attempt at a Dali drawing.


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