He who must not be named…..

Our resident Frederick County king of high drama is at it again! It all started last night with this post:

Side note: Why is he tagging Blaine Young? Does he still require his permission before acting?
Side note: Why is he tagging Blaine Young? Does he still require his permission before acting?

We here at Local Yokel could barely sleep last night wondering what on God’s green Earth could have Billy in such a state. Why the vaguebook post? And oh no, are we actually going to have to listen to WFMD?!

Well yes, we did. And it was horrid, but that’s  another tale for another time.  And here’s Billy’s let’s get this out on the wire news: Jan didn’t pay Aurora and a bunch of poor elderly patients are going to end up on the street. And how can Jan be such a big meanie and not care about these poor elderly patients who have no where else to go? I was lucky that I had just swallowed my coffee or I would have been out shopping for a new Ipad this afternoon. When morning host, Bob Miller, asks if he has talked to Jan, while flipping through his own Rolodex for her number that he knows he has somewhere, Billy says no but he tried to call the attorney and that jerk didn’t return his phone call.

So that appearance led to this press release:

Looks official!
Looks official!

At this point we are hazarding to guess that he still has not talked to Jan.  So, in order to answer these accusations, Jan holds a 3 p.m. press conference, where her anger towards he who must not be named is only nominally concealed.

During this press conference Jan informs the public that no one is in danger of being kicked out of Montevue or Citizens. In fact, their bill has been more than paid for until the end of the year.The money that Billy (and apparently the CEO of Aurora calls him whenever he has an issue) questioned is currently in escrow. Why? Because the county, the group of concerned citizens that sued the county, and Aurora are in private mediation over this matter. They sit down next month and at that time they will decide what their next step should be. The CEO was made aware of this, so it’s curious as to why he would call Billy, and no one was in danger of being out on the street. In fact, Jan says that the county has more than paid the bills of the indigent patients since Aurora over estimated the number of people in their care.

Throughout the conference, Jan refused to address Billy by name, instead referring to him as “a certain irresponsible council member”. She used the terms irresponsible and fear mongering to describe this whole charade.  We are left with a couple of questions about this whole situation. Why does the CEO of Aurora call Shreve when he has a question? And why the hell does Shreve care so much about them getting paid on time? We certainly know from his past record that it is NOT because he cares about what happens to the elderly people in our community.

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