Thank Billy It’s Friday!

We here at Frederick Local Yokel cannot get one day off from Billy’s antics! Not one! Soon we are going to have to submit an overtime notice to his office, because really it is becoming all too much. What did he do now? Well just look:

lawyerletter blur

We will blur out these documents since the county says they are confidential.
We will blur out these documents since the county says they are confidential.


On his public Councilman Billy Shreve Facebook page he decided to publish both the invoice and letter that the county received from Aurora. Even though we don’t agree with Billy’s opinion on this matter we don’t see anything wrong with him hashing out his opinion on the radio or in the newspaper or even on television. But we have to think that some line has been crossed when he posts documents addressed to the county on his Facebook page. Documents that could eventually be a part of a lawsuit, documents that are not even addressed to him, documents that the county says are confidential. According to the Code of Ethics he is supposed to abide by, we see many possible violations. For example: Avoid activities, which would compromise or give the perception of compromising the best interest of the employer. Or perhaps this one: Avoid the appearance of unethical or compromising practices in relationships, actions and communications. There are many more so please look at the code for yourself. Whether Billy likes it or not he represents Frederick County and no matter his feelings on this particular issue, he should really take more care as to what he posts on his Facebook page.

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