Your Monday boredom report.


If you’ve read our past musings about Billy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he likes to post county documents to his Facebook page. Not all, only those that he thinks will get people all riled up. Take for example, that time he posted the legal documents in which Aurora made the county aware they were suing them. More recently he posted the English Language Ordinance repeal bill. No comment, just put it out there. Want to know what it is now? I am sure you don’t, but if I had to look at it:

Since Blaine doesn't have the bully pulpit anymore, I'll take up the torch!
Since Blaine doesn’t have the bully pulpit anymore, I’ll take up the torch!

That’s right it’s the county’s agreement with Regina Williams concerning her employment with Frederick County. Now please notice that this is addressed to Jen Fifield at the Frederick News Post. We applaud reporters for using the Freedom of Information Act and reporting to us what is happening in our government. And from that point of view, we get it! Newspapers are in the business of keeping us abreast of what goes on behind closed doors, without the media our democracy could not exist. Billy’s motives is what bothers us. From the Aurora payment, to the repeal bill to this. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of question as to why this may not have been the best working situation for both the County Executive and Ms. Williams. It was a conflict of interest when she was involved with the President of the Board of County Commissioners and it’s a conflict because she’s still in a relationship with the man who wanted Jan’s job. From every viewpoint this is a human resources nightmare. Billy seems not to know whom he represents. He puts stuff out there, quite often with no comment of his own, and it’s really hard to figure out what his point is. Plus, it’s really getting quite tedious bringing this stuff to light. So Billy, please, please stop it.

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