Proposed school calendars and joint BOE meetings! Too much fun for one post?

So fun!
So fun!

First off, FCPS has put out two proposed 2017-2018 calendars for public comment. One has a before Labor Day start and one after. The calendar with the post Labor Day start has done away with Spring Break. That caused your Lady Yokels to gasp! Follow this link and then make sure you comment. This is local government y’all, your voice counts!

Yesterday we made you aware that the Board of Education and county council was meeting. The FNP covered it pretty well so we won’t repeat their points. We do, however, have a few comments of our own.

First off: Where’s Kirby? The school construction presentation would have presented him with the perfect chance to grandstand about his now defunct buy back lease idea. He usually doesn’t pass up a chance to beat that dead horse.( Or any dead horse for that matter.)

Secondly, will someone please, please tell Billy to dress appropriately and pay ATTENTION during these meetings?!

Just look to your left Billy if you can't figure it out. And get your phone out of your lap!!!
Just look to your left Billy if you can’t figure it out. And get your phone out of your lap!!!

Thirdly, congratulations on your retirement Mr. Ray Barnes. We will miss your presentations and  your insight into school  construction. Thank you for your 35 years of service!

And finally, Jessica most graciously solved one ,out of the many ,former BOE candidate’s witch hunts. She returned to work yesterday. Not that was anyone’s, including our, business!  Good luck Ms. Fitzwater! As mommies we know how challenging the transition can be!


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