Sexual harassment is no joke. @#%%^#!

This morning the newly lauched broke a story about allegations of sexual harassment filed against Bud Otis by Billy Shreve. You can read all the details here .


The bar is so freaking low already. It’s practically on the floor.



Sexual harassment is a serious charge and we lady yokels find no humor in this situation. What we do find humorous is thinking how this situation would play out if the two people involved were different. Let’s pretend that Billy Shreve is practically any woman and that Bud Otis is Donald Trump. What would be happening right now? Probably a Tweet storm! These here are some actual real tweets from Mr. Big League himself.


Just substitute @nytimes with @frederickextra





In our scenario, it’s not hard to imagine these tweets.




I guess we can’t help but wonder if Billy feels differently about his hero now that he has felt the sting of sexual harassment. In his own words “It felt dirty. I felt sick. I was mad! I never want this to happen to anyone again.” We all remember seeing Billy in all his glory . So time to put your money where your mouth is and stop backing Trump. That might be hard for someone who is the co-chair of Trump’s local campaign. But continuing to support Trump is continuing to support someone whose actions sure seem pro-sexual harassment to us. How’d you like them apples?

To make matters, well, more hypocritical…this is a man who has tried to increase awareness of the groups in favor of human trafficking. Can anyone tell us what color magnet goes on your car for that? Maybe we can get one for our newly sensitive Councilmember.

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