Laissez les mauvais temps rouler! The First 1/2 of your July 19th meeting!


Short and sweet. The council will reconvene at 7:00 for a public hearing but here is what has happened thus far…

Billy votes against the agenda, no one signed up for pre-meeting public comment, Billy abstains from the consent agenda. Before getting into the meat of the meeting Bud commends Jerry for his suggestion on putting cell phones aside. Billy yells: “Let’s stick to the agenda.” We all know that he and Kirby cannot function up there if they don’t have the texts from the puppet master to guide their way. Oh whatever would they do?

All County Executive confirmations pass. Charter amendments will go through on the November ballot with one change. Council member Fitzwater made a motion to change 2 business days to 4 when it came to bill amendment notices. All three passed and will be grouped as two questions (One will deal with the two budget issues and the other bill amendments) for the good voters to decide upon this November.

Three bills are introduced:

  1. Jerry is working on a bill that steps up the requirements for a zoning change. This will make sure that the neighbors of a property that is asking to be re-zoned are aware of what is going on.
  2. M.C. wants to try out a medical cannabis pilot program in agricultural areas.
  3. Bud introduces a bill from the County Executive concerning changes to the hotel tax.

We’ll let ya know how the public hearing turns out!


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