Happy 240th America! It’s your 240th turn to scream at your screen!

Hopefully in 2018 we will put them on vacation!
Hopefully in 2018 we will put them on vacation!

We hope you had a fun 4th! After the ridiculousness that went on during last week’s workshop, we don’t have much hope for sanity this week. Grab your agenda, tune up your FCGTV and let’s do this!

We’ll be surprised if anyone comes to speak for the pre-meeting comment, since it’s failed to happen thus far.  So we’ll skip ahead to one of our fave county employees, Rick Harcum.  He’s here to speak of some budget adjustments. The list is long and we have little hope that our usual suspects will not grandstand. So when they do what they do, sip on your President cocktail in honor of Bud and all he has to put up with.

The High Sheriff will be in the house to discuss a joint grant application with the City of Frederick. This actually looks like some good stuff, with the money split between the Sheriff’s office and the Frederick City police. Click on the agenda to get all the details.

Up next is naming the County Attorney as the Resident Agent for the county as required by law. If this discussion is too much for some to comprehend, mix up a Roosevelt, since he’s probably spinning in his grave.

There are some first and third readings of bills proposed by the county executive on the agenda. Kirby threw this Facebook fit earlier:

2016-06-30 (1)

Someone hasn’t read our post about what a traitor is. And these guys have a hard time  comprehending what a legislative body does. Jan cannot introduce legislation. She needs someone on the council to do it for her. And quelle horror! She actually has some people on the council who think it’s advantageous to work together. If Kirby can get over his Ted Cruz style of legislatin’ we’ll all be better off. If he brings up anything on this Facebook rant mix up a batch of Martha Washington’s punch. Since we are fairly certain that’s what the good lady would do to him.

To round things up there’re two public hearings. One on sewage amendments and the other on charter amendments. There’s gonna be words. When there are slam back your Bear Witness. Since bearing witness to this all really can be a burden.

Grab some water and hydrate for public and council member comments. This can sometimes be the hardest part of the meeting.

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