Who is Kirby blaming for all the county’s woes? Hint: This is not a trick question.

We think someone needs a nap!
We think someone needs a nap!

We are sorry to have to start every month off like this, but it appears that’s when Kirby’s “Guest Columnist” rant is unleashed on the world. (Question: How often does one have to write for the noodlely appendage before a guest columnist turns into an actual columnist?) Curiously this same column(with a few minor edits) also appears in the Emmitsburg News Journal.

The theme of this month’s list of complaints is how horrible Jan is. He refers to her as a “citizen activist”.  If you haven’t heard Kirby has his sights on the CE office and he’s already started campaigning. As usual, it’s hard to follow. We’ve heard him complain that we’ve been talking about school construction for 40 years. But in this column, it’s 30 years, wait no it’s 20, but maybe it’s 22. Who knows? He wants us to know that Jan has ruined education when she took back the county’s nursing homes. But never fear, because Kirby is here to rescue us! Even though his last workshop on his school construction idea would cost the county tens of millions of dollars he’s still sticking with it. How does he answer his critics? Well, in his special Kirby way of course:

Executive Gardner says this won’t work, that it’s too expensive, that something could go wrong, that the sun got in her eyes, and that it’s Blaine Young’s fault.

Any other questions folks? He’s going to waste everyone’s time with another workshop. Where he will attempt to manipulate the numbers and we are oh so curious to see how he can possibly sell this idea as economically viable. One question has really bothered us here at the Yokel. If these projects are privately funded does that mean Kirby’s company will be in the running to do the excavation? Or will he remove his company from consideration since he’s the one pushing forth this idea and it would seem as though it’s a giant conflict of interest? We think Kirby has his own self interest in mind.  What do y’all think? We’ll let Kirby’s own words answer that question:

We all know that it is insane to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result each time.



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