Bottoms up! Please make sure you are seated before imbibing.

so drunk
You better Jenkins, or you may end up in the hospital!

Lots of items on the agenda for tonight’s meeting so please make sure you are properly prepared with a comfy seat. As always, take care not to overindulge. The Yokels are not responsible for any damage you may do to your livers and we really do need you to be back again for the next meeting.

First up public comments. If no one shows up, drink some ginger ale. You are going to want to coat your stomach with a preventative liner.

Next are a bunch of budget amendments. When Billy complains that he still doesn’t have a budget analyst to help him read, throw back a flaming asshole. You know why.

Business items are up next. Three meetings worth of minutes need to be approved plus confirmations, bond authorizations and new workshop items. Someone is going to abstain so get ready to drink a mojito mocktail. 

Next up are first readings of four different items.  Forest resources, DRRA, APF for school construction are going to be discussed. We predict tempers will flair (the 3 usual suspects). This could go long, so pick your own personal favorite beverage to slowly sip during this portion of the meeting. We still have more to get through and you will want your wits about you.

A public hearing on bonds for Mount St. Mary’s University is up next. Mix up an Irish Catholic to set the mood.

Next a third reading on the Wood Waste Recycling bill. Are you still upright??? Time for a boozy affagato. You’ll need that espresso to help you stay awake for the rest of the meeting.

Take a break until 7. If the meeting ran until 7, and you don’t get a break, grab a glass of good old fashioned water. Your liver needs a break.

Next up a second reading on the Veteran’s Advisory Council.  You’ll want to mix up an American Spirit for this one.  Just drink it because we all support veterans.

I can’t believe there is still more, but next comes a public hearing on rezoning the Ballenger PUD. Throw back a I’m Ya Huckleberry when Billy asks a question someone has already answered.

We are almost done.  We just have to get through public and council member comments. Time to throw back a shot of C. This one is for your health.  Right????

Oops. Don’t say we didn’t warn you Smokey!

This summer isn’t slowing down! Your 7-11 drinking guide.

Not you friends! Shrelauter!

The county council is back and ready to legislate! Well, some of them are. The agenda is chock full of public hearings! Including one on Billy’s very first bill that is designed to allow one business to continue wood chipping where they should not! We noticed that Frederick Magazine had a cocktail contest in this month’s edition. In honor of some local Frederick concoctions, we will use their list for this month’s game. Do remember this game is only for fun, and it is oh so easy to dehydrate one’s self on these hot summer days.

We start off with budget adjustments, county executive appointments, and a vote on the changed council rules. If we cannot get through these mundane, simple items without an abstain slam back a tall Mysterious Ways.

Next up are three hearings on bills before the council. We have one regarding antique, artisan and craft shops. Another regarding the Frederick County retirement plan, and the last one on Billy’s wood waste bill. While we are pleased that Billy finally put something forward, though we are sure he didn’t write it himself, do we really change all the rules for one business? But what the heck, mix up a tall pitcher of The Rascal, for some effort on Shreve’s part.

Lastly, we come to public and council member comment.  This is where things usually go straight to hell in a hand basket. Get yourself an old barrel and prepare many, many quarts of Fredneck Punch  and drink at will!