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We know we just asked you to vote for us in the FNP’s Best of the Best contest (those results will be released this Friday), but we need your voting powers one more time! It’s that time of the year when Frederick Magazine takes their nominations for their Best of Frederick contest. Please click on over and enter Frederick Local Yokel as your favorite blog! We will be forever grateful.

This summer isn’t slowing down! Your 7-11 drinking guide.

Not you friends! Shrelauter!

The county council is back and ready to legislate! Well, some of them are. The agenda is chock full of public hearings! Including one on Billy’s very first bill that is designed to allow one business to continue wood chipping where they should not! We noticed that Frederick Magazine had a cocktail contest in this month’s edition. In honor of some local Frederick concoctions, we will use their list for this month’s game. Do remember this game is only for fun, and it is oh so easy to dehydrate one’s self on these hot summer days.

We start off with budget adjustments, county executive appointments, and a vote on the changed council rules. If we cannot get through these mundane, simple items without an abstain slam back a tall Mysterious Ways.

Next up are three hearings on bills before the council. We have one regarding antique, artisan and craft shops. Another regarding the Frederick County retirement plan, and the last one on Billy’s wood waste bill. While we are pleased that Billy finally put something forward, though we are sure he didn’t write it himself, do we really change all the rules for one business? But what the heck, mix up a tall pitcher of The Rascal, for some effort on Shreve’s part.

Lastly, we come to public and council member comment.  This is where things usually go straight to hell in a hand basket. Get yourself an old barrel and prepare many, many quarts of Fredneck Punch  and drink at will!

One more chance to vote for someone you really want!

We beg ya!
We beg ya!

We know you are all voted out, however, now is your chance to get what you’ve always wanted…. your Lady Yokels’ blog in the Best of Frederick list! Please follow this link to vote for your favorite blog and, of course, any other local business that tickles your fancy! Voting closes on November 15 so please be swift!

Your Yokel Ladies are famous y’all!

We’ll try not to put on airs! No promises though!

If you haven’t seen it yet, go out and pick yourself up a copy of September’s Frederick Magazine. Inside you will find an article entitled “Politics in the Blogosphere” by the very talented Katherine Heerbrandt. Upon those glossy pages you’ll get a good scoop on your favorite blog, Frederick County Fact Check (, and some other guys. It’s only $3.95, and you’ll be supporting your local print media. (While you are at it pick up the Washingtonian as well. There’s a very good article about Frederick politics. Your Lady Yokels were also contacted, however, due to busy summer schedules we were not able to make time to talk with the reporter).

While we are sure many of our readers will thoroughly enjoy the Frederick Magazine article, we were contacted via email with some unsolicited advice from one of the other bloggers who was mentioned very briefly in the story. He feels that  we are never going to be taken seriously as journalists if we don’t reveal our identities. Curious that it is impossible to debate ideas without the opportunity to engage in ad hominem attacks, isn’t it? And now, we must reiterate that anyone mistaking us for journalists absolutely must read a real newspaper, whether you like it or not. We are not attempting to provide journalism. This is infotainment, people. As to why we choose to feature Blaine, again…infotainment. He is bursting with infotainment potential. For example, he appears to think Kirby Delauter will be our next County Executive (which just is not nice to Kirby, being honest). He also seems to be looking at a run in D5, so brace yourself for the infinite infotainment. SorryNotSorry.

I didn't want to be a part of that article anyway!
I didn’t want to be a part of that article anyway!

By: Woebegone Putupon of the Shantytown

Frederick & Blight: Oh, the drama


Your local yokel bloggers take a particularly dismal view toward representatives addressing citizens as though they are interlopers squeaking an un-greased wheel. The whole reason we’re banging on keyboards is to make sure local issues get attention–blight in the city is a doozy–so we’ll accept a certain amount of responsibility for loudly barking into cyberspace. To the same tune, we have come to expect a certain degree of dismissive attitude from our county. We’ve typically seen better from The City of Frederick. City officials and Mayor McClement should avoid doing anything that appears like those guys (you know the ones we mean). It’s just unbearable, and it really gets us riled up. Do we need some letterhead for city residents to use as well? Just to be sure no one forgets this is all about working together for our community.

It sounds as though it is assumed that too few people care about blight in the city for it to be a major concern. I would have expected the city to notice that people interacting with the City of Frederick’s Blight Problem Facebook Page are concerned, even when they have not heard from them directly. If you had lived/worked/passed by the Asiana Property since 2001 when it closed (14 YEARS FOLKS) you would be beyond fed up, too.  Perhaps that subtlety has been lost. Although the Asiana property is most often highlighted, other specifics to chew on include :

“The Old Carmack Jay’s” is a meaningless descriptor to anyone who has lived here less than a decade or so.

Whatever that crumbling facade is next to Downtown Piano Works, it is a mess that is preventing the core of Frederick from truly taking off, considering its proximity to the “Square Corner.” With that amazing location, it is a real shame. Given the expense that has gone into creating the lovely Carroll Creek Linear Park, it is sad to see that bringing everything down. Worse, the sidewalk is never cleared after snow. At times it is extremely dangerous.

It is absolutely true that we should endeavor to be respectful in our interactions with our representatives. This is plain good sense, and it improves the probability that we will see our desired outcomes. But, we do know that old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. A fourteen year old wheel needs lots and lots of grease. Keep it civil, locals. It is true that frustration gets people’s tempers going. City slickers, bear in mind that is a two way street.

Grease the wheel via Mayor McClement’s email address