Top 5 Yokel posts of 2018! What a spectacular year in local politics!

Time to get out the soap and bactine and start anew!

Since way back in 2015, we’ve ended the year with a recap of our Top Five posts of the year! This election year was contentious with a lot of betrayal, at least that’s the way Kirby framed it all. Here’s our fifth most read post of the year:

5. Where in the World is the High Sheriff? Oh Crap….

Our High Sheriff has spent way too much time on Fox News and visiting the White House pontificating on border issues while we face much more pressing issues here at home. ICYMI, click on the above link to bear witness to the fear mongering he and Fox News have become so adept at.

All decked out in his finery!

4. The Hate Slate Makes Its Debut. 

While we cannot take credit for the moniker, we thought it was a perfect description of Cindy Rose and her merry band of minions who attempted, oh so poorly, to take over the BoE. Click above to read through their first press release and the corrections we asked a teacher to make for us!

How could the authors of this #SAD diatribe think we could trust them with our children’s education?


3. Picturegate.

Remember the time that Kathy Afzali and crew thought it would be a good idea to photoshop Phil Dacey into a picture with the governor? The judgement of some folks!


So very poorly and stupidly done!


2. Click, Clack, No!

Oh, who could forget the time that Cindy Rose labeled a beloved children’s book union propaganda? When we contacted the author she was even aghast at Cindy’s interpretation. What times we live in!



And our most read post of the year: TFW the local Republicans go Cannibal!

The threads on Facebook concerning the ultimate betrayal of voting for anyone besides Kirby is a sight to behold! If you missed this gem, be sure to click back through. Here’s a little taste:


We can see you folks!

Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

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