Your Top 10 Yokel stories of 2017!!!!



It’s that time of year folks! The time when we count down our most viewed stories of the year!  Let’s get started before that ball drops!


10. Oh dear. When your Lady Yokels were in the running for the Frederick News Post’s Best of the Best award, one of our competitors crossed the line and had to get sent into the penalty box. No worries though, we made up with our hockey fans and now follow each other amicably.



9. Oh yes, the night some members of the council drove us to the drink. Billy attempted to mansplain a bunch of stuff to Jessica, so we were driven to Yokelsplain things to him. Oh how we can’t wait until Billy isn’t up there anymore!

8. Who could forget the night when we learned about the craziness that resides on the Carroll County council? Take a peek if you missed out on that super hot mess.


7. Ah, old # and his social media usage! Check out our post where we tried to discern the meaning of this!


6. We sure hope we never have see these “accomplishments” again!  Wonder if Billy ever got any of those special ingredient BALLS he was speaking of.


5. LOL! LOL! This flow chart cheers all of your Lady Yokels up whenever we are down! It is the absolute best thing Kirby has ever created in the history of forever. Read our super duper analysis of it here.

4. Our PSA for our local teachers warning them of Cindy Rose’s prying eyes on social media did quite well. Watch out for this one, she’s threatening another run in 2018.


3. Kirby may want to ask Blaine to hold back his praise! Read our story about this fine endorsement, it’s really something!


2. We usually restrict ourselves to writing about public figures. However, when someone comes to a public meeting ,that will be aired to all the world, and offers yellow ties and potted plants,  we can’t just let that go. And many of you agreed, as it was our second most viewed story of the year!

And drum roll please!!!!

1.  Stories about the infamous Blaine Young always garner a lot of views. Our number one story of the year was about Blaine proposing that he run for the Maryland House of Delegates and the Facebook family drama that followed: 


Wonder what 2018 has in store for us! Guessing it’s going to get way dramatic considering it’s an election year! Happy New Year to all our Yokel readers!

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