Important PSA for all Frederick County teachers!

Welcome back, educators! We sincerely hope that you had a wonderful first week and that our kiddos behaved themselves. If you are a fan of our blog, you are well aware that we are big fans of teachers. BIG FANS! We don’t take too kindly when someone is hell bent on sabotaging our educator’s careers just because they don’t share the same politics as they do. Who is this someone? Well, of course you know. Our county’s most prolific PIA requester and law suit aficionado has penned the most paranoid and contradictory tome on the noodley appendage this week. 

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Neither can we! But, please continue it’s important.
The first part of this opinion piece informs us that MANY public school teachers are part of Antifa. Her source?  The Daily Caller.

Screenshot (123).png
Seems legit!
She then called Joshua Cramer, a Washington County teacher, who posted on social media that he would remove students who wore Trump gear from his class, you guessed it, a fascist.  But these two contradictory exerpts have to be our favorite:

“Activist teachers and teaching is, and has been, in Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) whether you choose to believe it or not. Go ahead and take a peek at the Facebook pages of certain FCPS teachers. I’m sure you know who they are. They are wearing their pink hats, holding “Resist” posters, crying over the Trump presidency.”

Followed by:

“I don’t care what the political/social leanings of a teacher are as long as they keep it at home and out of the classroom. I also know FCPS has some radical teachers that no one would know were radical. I respect and thank them for being professionals. If you’re puzzled why so many youth embrace socialism and fascism you need look no farther than FCPS. Professionalism appears to no longer contain their personal ideologies.”

So, go ahead peeps, and stalk all those teacher’s social media, but hey it doesn’t matter as long as they keep it out of the classroom!! REALLY?!?!?! And notice that she doesn’t seem to mind those teachers who support Trump or her viewpoint “radicalizing” our students!

Need we tell you that Cindy proudly proclaimed that she contacted Washington County Public Schools even though she has no child in that school system and had no idea what went on in Mr. Cramer’s classroom? Of course we didn’t.
In closing, she tells us that teachers are teaching that the “constitution is mutable” (uh, yeah. Ever heard of amendments to the Constitution? The founders knew we may want to change things over time!) And that FCPS’s Day of Activism is all about radicalizing our children. BIG DEEP BREATHS FOLKS!

Now for the PSA part. MSEA has a really good article on how to protect yourself online. We would like you to go further. Besides locking your account down, you need to block Cindy. Block her and anyone else you see sharing the opinion that teachers are radicalizing students. It’s for your own protection. Though she claims that she doesn’t care what you do out of the classroom, don’t believe it. Please, please don’t make yourself a target of her PIAs or ethics complaints. Lock those accounts down tight and block away!

Have a wonderful school year! Your Lady Yokels have y’all’s backs!


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