Let’s make it a September to remember! Your 9/5 drinking game is here!

County council meetings are not worth damaging your liver over!

Billy ruined last month’s meeting, utterly ruined it. Hopefully, this meeting will be more civil. But with Kirby double negatively seeking the CE office with his new fashion line, we don’t have much faith that will happen. Nevertheless, we mustn’t check out, so grab your agenda, turn on FCGTV, and guard your liver well!

Public comments have been tame or non-existent lately. If anyone should think this is their time to grandstand, instead of you know,  providing legitimate, helpful feedback, slam back a Screaming Hick!

Let’s see if Kirby can remember to pull a budget adjustment before everyone votes yes on them this week. If not, sip gently on your Poor Decisions cocktail.

We have minutes to approve, legislative items to learn about, and county executive appointments to confirm! If anyone should provide any disruptions mix up a barrel of Lunatic Giant, since we have more of our share of those around here!

Next up there’s documents to sign and then a public hearing on some water and sewer amendments. We need clean water and Zeus on the high mountain knows we need a functional sewage system. Therefore, if anyone throws fits mix up a Dark’n Dirty. Because that’s what our water will look like if we don’t take care.

The end is nigh! Billy will vote against going into closed session, because REASONS. Maybe we’ll hear from the public again and then we close up with the council member comments. This is when things can get really, really bad.

We are begging you Shrelauter!! It’s going to be stressful enough this week getting the kids back to school!

ICYMI: Please vote for our blog in FNP’s Best of the Best contest. Imagine how much the haters will hate if we win!

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