Parking lot drama y’all!

Remember way back in the bright shiny new days of the county council when Shrelauter had a hissy fit over losing their parking spaces?  We thought all this parking lot drama was long over, but once again, we underestimated #’s talent for beating dead horses. Here is a thing that happened tonight:


First of all, we believe you may want to capitalize Queen Bee, as you are using it as a proper noun ole exulted leader from District 5.  But seriously folks? What the everlasting hell is that? So what if she allowed him to use his spot when she wasn’t there? Why does everything have to be framed as some dirty, corrupt transaction? Is this the only way people in his world do things for one another? If so, let us tell you something Kirbo! People who are friendly with one another, who respect one another, they sometimes do favors for one another with no strings attached! It’s true! It’s called being a decent human being. Sorry if that’s a foreign concept for ya!

In the comments we saw this:


So funny!!! Mr. “Whoops I Thought This Was Just A Massage” is making light of Billy’s sexual harassment claims! We wonder if Billy put the sad crying face up there. Why can’t Billy get anyone to take him seriously?

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