9/20 council meeting: we will try to be brief, episode 1, or Deplorables in inaction.

Hey so the archived video is 6 and a half hours long. There’s far too much to work with here. Let’s start with the very beginning. A, B, C, Do, Re, Mi, and so forth. Potato. Crackpot.

Kirby mixes it up with the consent agenda, and wants to look at one of the items separately, and that would be this one.

What better time to lose your mind than when your buddy is going to get money he needs?
What better time to lose your mind than when your buddy, who’s on hand to talk about noise ordinances, is going to get money he needs? Funny enough, he also is able to confirm that when Jerry Donald makes you seem like you are being dumb and don’t understand how the budget process works, you are in fact being dumb and don’t understand how the budget process works. Awkwarrrrrrrd. Some foreshadowing. They are not d’accord about noise ordinances later, either.

But, being incompetent doesn’t stop him–like the regular Dunning Kruger Effect case study that he is. Making matters worse he is complaining about two different procedures not being the same, just because he needs a platform to showboat his personal issue that they didn’t get paid back for helping Baltimore and wants to somehow vilify Jan (because it is a day ending in Y). All the while, he can’t even figure out when prompted that the procedure he should use would be to make a motion to separate the items on the consent agenda. When M.C. asks if he would like to make said motion, he retorts, “However you wanna do it.” No, not however she wants to. There’s a procedure, you drip. Wasn’t it that procedure was the most important thing in the world? The good news is that all that noise was useless, and everybody got the money they need in the end.

safer-grant-2 safer-grant

Then we heard from Chief Tom Owens about the need to accept a grant to help staff the volunteer fire stations with career staff. This was very educational. Did you know that sometimes they send an ambulance with 2 people out (since you really can’t have only a driver both driving and attending to the medical condition in the back) and so that leaves a firetruck with only a driver, and often they all take off to a car accident in this configuration when all the equipment is required? Doesn’t that seem a little…anemic. Lewistown doesn’t have staff to operate an ambulance after 6pm, so they don’t and send a back up probably from Frederick, in the event of an emergency (and that does it; personal vow to never move out of a city). Ideally a station with an ambulance and engine should have 5 people so that the whole thing works. TBH this Local Lady was running kids around and listening to the early part of the meeting on the available wifi while chauffeuring kids to activities, and missed the conclusion. However, today’s FNP reveals that this went down as one might imagine. That’s why you need to subscribe: they pay someone to stay the whole bleeding time. And thanks to them we know that the rug that ties the whole room together is that if you need to make a point, what better time than when first responders want grant money paid for by the taxes we all pay, to make itself useful here in our community.

Some Republican members of the council questioned whether the county should accept the grant, citing the higher cost for salaries in the division once the grant runs out.

Who wonders which Republicans? Any hypotheses? Not even curious enough to go consult the archives are you? Neither are we. And also:

After the council’s vote, a group of a dozen firefighters stood in the crowd and cheered.

It sure would be nice if Billy and Kirby had a goal other than causing problems.



One thought on “9/20 council meeting: we will try to be brief, episode 1, or Deplorables in inaction.

  1. Whichever GOP council members expressed concern about accepting the grant have the better of the argument. There are several policy arguments against taking the money, but they all take much longer to explain and convince that does “we are all going to die if we don’t take it.” In the arena of politics and public relations, those who make their pitch in the shortest time usually with the debate.


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