Cinnamon, we really don’t know where you come up with these crazy ideas!!! Nobody could possibly believe that!!!

Tuesday will bring us dueling human trafficking events. In one corner we have this:

2016-08-18 (1)

That’s right! It’s finally time for Blaine to face a judge over his prostitution arrest. Some may say that he’s irrelevant here in the county, seeing as how Jan trounced him in the last election. However, many birdies have told us that he wishes to become the shiny brand new District 5 Council representative once Kirby gets his butt whooped in the County Executive contest. So as long as he keeps trying to creep back into elected office, we will be here to remind you what a catastrophic mistake that would be.

Keep District 5 Blaine free!
Keep District 5 Blaine free!

The second event is an attempt to deal with the very real problem of human trafficking here in Frederick County:



We highly recommend that you read through these pages and become educated on the problem. For this is a subject that is very dear to your Lady Yokel’s hearts. We firmly believe that   no person such be forced into any kind of slavery, sexual or otherwise.

Our faithful readers will remember back when a vote was taken on having this workshop. Billy voted against it because, and we quote, “There are groups both for and against this.” Jerry and Jessica were both incredulous as were we!  (Of course we kinda suspect this was all a cover to protect Blaine and his transgressions). There couldn’t possibly be people in favor of human trafficking, could there?  We are very sad to report that Billy may just be right. For those of you who are not yet acquainted with the watchdog group Frederick County Council Watch Watch you need to click on over and take a look. This page watches the Frederick County Council Watch page, and believe it or not  they have found people who think this whole human trafficking workshop is a huge conspiracy. Including a few people who are running for public office in these here parts.  

Look what you did to Spongebob and Patrick! Aren't you ashamed people!
Look what you did to Spongebob and Patrick! Aren’t you ashamed people!

As always, we’ll let you know the outcome of both the trial and the workshop. There is never a dull moment in Frederick politics.