And the torch passes to Tony…



You’ll remember a few weeks back when Kirby threw a fit about his leaseback idea not getting any traction. Somehow he thought it was within his authority to disband the entire task force. Well, Jan said no way Kirbo! Just because you didn’t get your way Mr. #, doesn’t mean the investigation process is over. So who is going to take up the torch that Kirby tried to extinguish? Today’s Political Notes answers that nicely:

Frederick County employees met with Councilman Tony Chmelik (R) this week, as plans are underway to revive a county task force that was examining options for leasing schools.

The meeting between Chmelik, Council Chief of Staff Ragen Cherney, and county finance and budget officers took place on Tuesday — when the School Build Lease Buy-Back Task Force was scheduled to meet.

Chmelik is taking the helm of the task force, which Councilman Kirby Delauter (R) said last month he was dissolving. Maybe.

Despite sending a confusing press release that he was disbanding a task force created by the county executive and notifying at least some of the members ahead of time via email, Delauter said he was not. Instead, he was no longer pursuing a specific leasing plan after the proposal was panned by County Executive Jan Gardner (D) as being too costly.

Gardner, at the time, said she intended for the task force to continue its work — with or without Delauter on board.

What do you mean? Work is going to continue with or without our precious # at the helm? So just because his one idea didn’t pan out that means the task force should continue investigating other ways of bringing down school construction costs?


We don’t understand this world of logic and problem solving y’all are throwing our way. Perhaps we’ve been stuck inside the Shrelauter echo chamber a little too long ourselves.

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