Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most unethical of them all?

Since we used the word ethics in our title, we’re sure you’ve already discerned we are talking about Ole #. Remember last year when he voted against the historical designation of  Trout Run, stating if anyone was for it he didn’t hear from them? We were surprised and enchanted that Kirby took his constituents’ opinions into consideration! Someone or something (Xenu?) got to Kirby between then and now because he’s whistling a whole different tune. Not only did he refuse to vote for the council’s answer to the lawsuit, he sent a few emails to the Trout Run’s lawyer. Take a peek:


In what world is it okay for a council member to send emails to the lawyer of an entity that has a pending case before the council?!?! Why the hell does he think it’s all fine and dandy to give Bruce Dean a heads up? And does he not realize that his emails on this very subject are in the public domain? If anything is deserving of an ethics violation, it’s got to be this. Seriously people, is Kirby purposefully trying to destroy the county? Does he love Xenu more than the taxpayers of today?

All so very wrong #!
All so very wrong #!
What do y'all think of #'s new look? You should send him an email and recommend Stitch Fix or something, because this needs more work.
What do y’all think of #’s new look? You should send him an email and recommend Stitch Fix or something, because this needs more work.

3 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most unethical of them all?

  1. As I strive to be objective, on the face of it this doesn’t appear to be an “ethics” violation. Unless there is a connection not apparent from the e-mail, the communication does not seem to represent a departure from the “lobbying”, “conflict of interest” or “financial disclosure” provisions of the County’s Ethics Ordinance. Likewise, since a proceeding for a historic designation is not covered by the Frederick County only state ethics law concerning campaign $$$ and undisclosed ex parte communications (a la former County Commissioner C. Paul Smith & Monrovia Town Center) no violation there either. However, certainly fair game for the grist mill.


  2. If anyone has not watch the 11/24/2014 BOCC meeting,, please watch it! It shows how unethical they were under the Blaine Young administration! The best part of it is that it comes directly from the horse’s mouth. It is the 11/24/2014 BOCC meeting starting at the 53 minute mark and takes 30 minutes to watch Frederick County’s “HOUSE OF CARDS!”. It is pure dramatic treachery as they bragged about what they did to the citizens of Frederick. Tomorrow, the County Council meeting will be trying to the rescind the ordinances they passed for the benefit of the developers. If you want to be part of the solution, please come and participate in the process.


  3. Since I attacked Shrelauter on their unethical performance on the BOCC, his attack on Jerry Donald and Jessica Fitzwater was to insinuate that they were voting on raises for themselves. Jerry called Kirby out, by pointing out that the BOE had total control of those administrative decisions. That over the time, he has spent being a public servant, he actually has lost approximately $1,700 in income opportunities. I guess Shrelauter meant that since if they were unethical, they are not the only ones. Personally, I think he chose the wrong two for examples on the County Council. I guess he was using proximity to the worst as his criteria. I spoke to our representative for district 2, and informed him that he made the wrong choice in picking sides, and exactly what he has done to date for his constituents. His reply was , “…you cannot have everything your way. There has to be compromise.”


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