I hope you will bear with us Yokels, for we have a story to tell in screenshots. Local Yokel hero Dave Schmidt has been spending a considerable amount of time trying to explain this whole building code/public safety thingy to Kirby. This is only one of many, many posts that have taken place between them. We think it’s important for our readers to see Kirby’s  thought process first-hand.

Very nicely written!
Very nicely written!

Let the back and forth commence:

2016-05-11 (11)

Right off with the name calling.

2016-05-11 (12)

We will proudly join the coalition!

2016-05-11 (13)

Time to Jiffy Lube the building inspectors!

2016-05-11 (14)

Right, if you want to discriminate that’s your given right. Wait.

2016-05-11 (15)

Hilarious Kirby. Well we have very nice teeth, were up before noon and don’t actually have all day and night to comment. (But obviously Kirby does because look at the number of posts!) However, that doesn’t mean we are going to keep our traps shut! Who does this guy think he is anyway? Anyone who disagrees with him must be a jobless lib?! We know for a fact that isn’t the case. The delusional world this guy lives in. A business operates outside of the law and let’s make damn sure they don’t suffer any consequences. How on Earth does not having any of the proper permits or zoning equate to going one mile over the speed limit?  Mr. Schmidt, for seeing this out over the long haul we gladly give you a Yokel tip of the hat:

You have been recognized for the sacrifice to your sanity Mr. Schimidt!
You have been recognized for the sacrifice to your sanity Mr. Schimidt!