What is evil?

Not quite the evil we're used to. Maybe Billy uses a different dictionary.
Not quite the evil we’re used to. Maybe Billy uses a different dictionary.


We’ve written a lot, over this past year, of the hyperbolic language some of our council members use. Well, it appears we’ve reached the peak of Mt. Hyperbolicus today. In regards to County Executive Gardner allowing a certain wedding venue the opportunity to apply for temporary permits so their utter disregard for the law doesn’t ruin many people’s special day, our esteemed Councilman Shreve had this to say:

2016-05-11 (18)

This has really become too much for us to take. These two came into office with a chip on their shoulder and not once have they tried to work with the County Executive to get anything done. They have made a mockery of our county, and frankly in this age of Donald Trump, we are losing our patience. We don’t believe they can be reasoned with because they are just too far gone down the path of their own delusional righteousness to reform. So fellow Yokels, we must prevent their re-election and at every opportunity let them and others know how we feel. The Frederick News Post needs your LTE’s about their antics and the county council email needs to be flooded with your opinions of them. It is the Yokels’ mission to make sure these two do not see elected office ever again. If we stay silent nothing will change. You don’t want to see a County Executive Delauter do you?

Hear that Billy?!
Hear that Billy?!

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