Rumored: under CE #KirbyDelauter there would be no regulations

Allegedly. Just throw allegedly and rumored into this like donut sprinkles, because we don’t do straight journalism, but if this is true…and we are reasonably certain that it is…it is CRAZINESS.

The rumors are that Billy and Kirby are all in a snit, because a business could fail. The reason? Failing to have any building (electrical, plumbing) or health department (food safety) permits. And something else about not having the correct zoning for an event venue. How does the blame for this fall on the county? Please explain.

As it was told to us through the grapevine, the fire marshall was a big killjoy and said (and we are paraphrasing with abandon), “Abso-effing–lutely not. There is not going to be a big shindig for some youngsters who want to get everybody Footloose in your event venue that could easily fall down on their heads or have a floor collapse like a balcony at a keg party, with the potential of unplanned pyrotechnics from could-be sparking electrical wiring. Heck, without a plumbing inspector, maybe they don’t even have running water or toilets. Who knows? Sounds like a night(mare) to remember, does it not?!

If you all recall, Billy wanted a legislative priority for the state to be to find out what impedes the business of roadside hot dog stands and take care of it. This is like the crown jewel of all hot dog stands. We are really looking forward to the Delauter executive administration, when the whole county dies of a botulism/salmonella cocktail.

Only under a CE Delauter administration Fire Marshall Bill!
Only under a CE Delauter administration Fire Marshall Bill!

2 thoughts on “Rumored: under CE #KirbyDelauter there would be no regulations

  1. No regulations…don’t think they have thought that through. Then again we are talking about Kirby and Billy, who don’t think much through anyway.


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