Free Letterhead for Frederick County Residents

Please grab me up for e-communication, too!
In order to form a more responsive county government, we seek to emphasize the importance of its constituents.

After hearing Billy Shreve remark on the Kojo Nnamdi show that his opponents were less powerful than the honeybee lobby, we got a bit hot under the collar. Some of us have received letters from members of the previous BOCC that stated that our opinions were not under consideration because they were elected with the opinions they held at the time. Could it be that a serious lack of voter participation in the county has perpetuated the idea that constituents’ opinions do not need to be routinely considered by our representatives?

We have created a quick and dirty version of letterhead for our readers. Please consider using it for written communication with council members. People matter.

 Letterhead for Constituents

One thought on “Free Letterhead for Frederick County Residents

  1. I live in District #2. Tony Chemlik is our representative on the Council. In the 2+ years that he has been in office, I have yet to hear anything from him. No town meetings, no solicitation of what our district wants from the citizens He
    represents. The only legislation he has forwarded was his venue bill in the AG zone which was shot down because of the part allowing amplified music. I personally suggested a bill to monitor the ground water quality so we could know
    what is in it. He shrugged my suggestion off But I think it would serve as a safeguard for the people that depend on ground water.


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