Kirby Delauter, local poster boy for bothsidesism, is wrong

Here are two dueling local radio hosts: Dave Schmidt being 100% accurate, and Bob Miller with #teamdelauter not catching on that the Nazis are still the bad guys. They are debating over a characteristically ridiculous statement Kirby made to Danielle Gaines of the  Frederick News Post.

Here’s the money quote. “I don’t condone any of it. One side’s as bad as the other. We should all get together with the one common goal to make this country great,” he said.

The alt-right is not a thing. It is a rebranding, because supposedly we all know that. If you look at the Totally Nazi Invitation for “Unite the Right” there are Third Reich eagles all over it along with the “Heritage Not Hate LOL WTF” flag. It’s weird how those things are always hanging out together. Birds of a feather, etc. If there were no Nazi rally, with their Nazi graphic design, there would not have been a thing. The Nazi side actually killed someone. Get a flipping clue here, people.



One side is out at night carrying torches and making Klan salutes, but in 2017 they are brazen enough to have their Klanfest without even having the decency to cover their pasty faces. Look how samesies the other side is, out at night having a candlelight vigil for a young lady killed by a Nazi. “Both sides!!!!!”



We will put this debate to rest in a format that maybe…possibly…even Kirby Delauter–flowchart challenged as he is–can comprehend.




3 thoughts on “Kirby Delauter, local poster boy for bothsidesism, is wrong

  1. I’m having a difficult time trying to determine who might be more obtuse: people like Delauter who still think this way in 2017, or people like Bob Miller who defend the likes of Delauter.


  2. Kirby Delauter positions can spark a conversation on such timely topics such as: is Kirby a stupid racist? Too stupid to realize he’s a racist? Or just stupid?


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