Buckle up buttercup! Kirby’s going to take us on a bumpy ride!

We had a lot of company this week in calling out Kirby Delauter for his assertion that the U.S. Civil War was fought over “total freedom.” Both Seventh State and Red Maryland took Kirby to task for the completely inaccurate assessment that this war had nothing to do with race.

Yesterday we shared a screen shot of Kirby’s response to the writer of the Seventh State piece on our Facebook page. Here’s part of the conversation in case you missed it:

Screenshot (76)

Sorry, Shadow! There’s no way for us to clear all that up for you!

Besides coming across as a bully, does he understand the concept of on and off the record? We think not. And how is taking what he said and writing about it a hit piece? A hit piece is presenting false or biased information. Just because he didn’t want everyone to see his stream of consciousness, doesn’t mean any of it isn’t true! If anything, the citizens of this county have the right to know how the person who wants to lead our fine county feels about these types of issues!

So, why all the outrage? We figured it out last night when we saw the Frederick News Post piece entitled:

“Political Notes: Delauter says Facebook post not intended to stoke Civil War threats”

You see, Kirby no likey when he has to talk to the FNP reporters. So, instead of taking any responsibility for his posts, (or learning any lessons from his endless social media gaffes) he goes after one of the bloggers who dared to point out his own words to everyone else. And, he didn’t do himself any favors in this “on the record” interview with Danielle Gaines either. Just check this quote out:

“I don’t condone any of it. One side’s as bad as the other. We should all get together with the one common goal to make this country great,” he said.

Isn’t that so very Trumpy of Kirby!? There is NO moral equivalence between the two sides in Charlottesville. Nazis are always the bad guys, Kirby!! White Supremacists are always on the wrong side! We will not for one second tolerate this moral equivalency!

He also doubles down on his reasons for why the war was fought and why he thinks we have problems today (Spolier alert: It’s all the leftists fault!):

Delauter said he does believe that the primary issue driving the Civil War was states’ rights.

“The slavery was obviously part of that, but I think the crux of it was states’ rights, the South wanting to secede,” he said.

He said he thinks the primary issues of today are not based in race, but in politics.

“I don’t think the crux of our problem of what is going on is race. I think it’s a deeper problem of division from the right and the left,” Delauter said. “… The left is trying to shove everything down everyone’s throat, removing statues. Everything they want, they gotta get or they riot, they burn things down, they destroy property.”

Kirby, read the Secession documents! Anyone who thinks that the Nazi side wasn’t the bad guys, watch this:

You may have naively thought that Kirby would step away from the computer for a few days. But, you would be very wrong indeed:

Screenshot (74)
Mike Signer is the mayor of Charlottesville in case you didn’t know.

Is this the kind of “straight shooter” we want running our county?


One thought on “Buckle up buttercup! Kirby’s going to take us on a bumpy ride!

  1. An Urbana librarian told me that while she was stationed in Thurmont, she found out that the KKK is active. While I have no evidence to support her claim, she said a boy was shooting his mouth off that his Daddy was involved! Who knows what the truth is?


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