Earlier this week we brought you some coverage of the council’s workshop over some animal welfare provisions. For whatever reason, Kirby was not able to attend. But that did NOT deter him from Facebooking about it:

What a professional!

Believe us when we say that county issues aren’t always sexy! We’ve zzzzz through lots of discussion of sewers, zoning and council member comments. However, these discussions are necessary to a functional government. People don’t want to get bit, people don’t want their dogs to get bit, and we want to make sure that our cats and dogs are healthy and taken care of. But go ahead, Council member Delauter, mock someone for doing their job! That is just awesome!


As for you Council member Donald, we’re sure you are all too used to this by now. For that we could not be sorrier. If you are ever feeling downtrodden and think you can’t take it anymore just remember: