Deck the Halls with Hypocrisy! Fa La La La La La La La La!

Howdy Yokels! On this last meeting of the year things were going pretty smoothly. Agenda passed 6-1. Budget transfers 6, with one abstain. Approval to change the name from MedImmune to AstraZeneca, that’s right just a name change, was voted for by all except Billy. We don’t even know how to comment on an action so dumb. There was also a nice presentation on the audit that showed us that our government is doing a great job! You can read more about it here.

Then we get to council member comments. And guess who is going to muck it all up?


What’s got Kirby all hot and bothered? An LTE that ran in the paper this morning that’s what!!!! First of all, FOR SHAME, Frederick News Post for running such a biased Letter to the Editor! This, according to Billy, is why the public no longer has faith in the liberal media. We’ve tried before to explain to Shrelauter what the opinion section of the paper is for and how it’s different from other reporting. However, our patience is about all tapped out, so we’ll just leave it here and hope “someone” learns “something”:


Kirby thinks that it is very “unfortunate” that the letter writer decided to resort to name calling when it is simply a difference of opinion. Kirby then goes on for 10 minutes about this LTE and how very wrong it is. Even though no deer are mentioned in said letter, Kirby tells us they are doing fine because he sees dead ones scattered along Route 15. And there’s no science people, none! And don’t you know that the farmers are all so scared to speak out about this because they fear the wrath of the one called Jan! It’s true! Stop smirking!! And we can’t help but to see the thin skin similiarities between him and the President Elect. All that’s left for Kirby to do is to open @RealKirbyDelauter on Twitter to treat us to his daily outbursts.

The “unfortunate” comment about name calling was something Ye Olde Lady Yokels could not get beyond. You see, dear readers, we three have been paying attention to what goes around these here parts for quite sometime. Our memories are long and detailed. When Kirby said this we couldn’t help but remember all the times he has resorted to name calling. But, most specifically, how he did it in the very LTE section of the paper that he now laments!

Hypocrisy on parade that’s what!

Way back in 2014, Kirby had this to say about a middle school teacher who testified before the last BOCC:

“One speaker — Thurmont Middle School language arts teacher Adam Umak — earned my attention with his arrogance, self-serving and inaccurate “testimony,” and borderline circus act. He ended his theatrics by motioning to the BoCC with his hands and announcing “come on,” as if he was asking for a confrontation.”

And he had some nice adjectives to describe former FCTA President Gary Brennan:

“The FCTA (union) is led by the professional whiner and tax revenue gobbler Gary Brennan, who will stop at nothing to bankrupt the taxpaying citizens of Frederick County, even if that means riling up teachers to put on a show or dragging an 8-year-old child to the podium to recite the teachers-need-more-money mantra. It is disgusting for the FCTA to use children like that, but it’s become an annual tradition.”

There’s much more to be seen so please read it here. How “unfortunate” it is indeed when one cannot make their point without name calling.

Billy has some dead horse beating to do about Aurora and sorry we don’t have the energy to transcribe it.

All the other council members had nice comments wishing us all good tidings for the the New Year! We enjoyed hearing about all the meetings that Jessica, Bud and MC attended. It’s so nice how they are engaged in what’s happening around our fair county. So to those who ended tonight on a positive note: Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

One thought on “Deck the Halls with Hypocrisy! Fa La La La La La La La La!

  1. The region is unfortunately changing from an agricultural culture with historically neighborly values, and, allowed the “Good Old Boy network to foster under Blaine Young who parlayed out the benefits to a few cronies (Smith, Shreve, Delauter, and to his own benefit) The developers only paid migration fees instead of having to pay for the realistic costs that would be needed like “MOE” for the school system and other important APFO necessities. See Blaine thought he was going to defeat Jan without problem He as was deluded by his army of loyalists But charter government changed the pecking order, and the overdevelopment he approved with 23 major Communities through the BOCC . Deluded by total power over his cabinet with total disregard for what native Frederick County citizens wanted brought the culture clashes, and brought him to his knees.. During his reign, he sold every out the unique character of our small towns like Urbana, Buckeyestown, Walkersville Green Valley from Libertytowm to Hyattstown, Mt. Airy, New Market, the excellent Teachers and the school system, the volunteer firemen, he constantly changed the
    regulations and ordinances as he approved what his vision for Frederick was with little serious care for those affected.
    He is no dummy, just very unethical in his pursuit to run for Governor, and build a large developer driven campaign warchest of cash for the run. He played a lot of schemes like the selling of Montevue and Citizens Care to create a perception that he was running a tight fiscal ship of government on the move. Please watch thearchived video of the last BOCC meeting when he resignated so Paul Smith could nominate him to a new 5 year term to the planning commission. David Gray was the only member not on the team, and he protested that this was another preplanned
    strategy to keep Blaine on the commission to continue to fight for the developers. Go to FCG-TV archived 11/24/2014 start watching the meeting from the 40 minute mark and see it for yourself. It’s better than the “House of
    Cards on Netflix. He challenged Jan Gardner to beat his 2 major credit agency approvals if she could. We now have a outstanding triple major credit rating from all the 3 agencies. less than 2 years. His arrests for crimes associated
    with human trafficking this past year, by a solicitation sting of prostitution by the State Police officers arrested him 4 different times He left his wife while he was involved with a county employee. Jan Gardner has saved Frederick County from this autocrat’s influence, and is setting a high bar of standards for the next leader. I want Jan to run the county for another term. She is a wise leader. Shrelauter are political obstructionists in the worse way. They don’t have the talent to run our county. Kirby or Billy want to be the next CE! THEY HAVE NOT LEARNED TO BE A PRODUCTIVE PART OF OUR GREAT County Council because they don’t understand how to be legislators. Billy wants to be JUDGE JUDY, and Kirby another Blaine. Just an opinion, make your own by watching the 11/14/2014
    last BOCC Meeting. Go local, but you got to go yokel

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