These sour grapes are fermenting.

They don’t look good on you.


In yet another example of being out of synch with the rest of the county, and out of touch in general, Cindy Rose has filed an ethics complaint against Terry Alban FCPS Superintendent.

The FNP article covering this complaint can be read here.

Our superintendent was recently named Superintendent of the Year for the state of Maryland, so we don’t think we are the only ones who think she is doing more than an adequate job.

We can’t help but feel the only one politicizing the award her son received at school is Rose herself.

She wasn’t able to win a seat on the Board of Education so she is continuing her vendetta against the Superintendent by filing this bogus sounding complaint.

Stop pushing your personal agenda on the rest of the county. You have other options such as private or home school if you really are unhappy. Stop wasting all of our tax dollars with your thousands of PIA’s and complaints!!!

If you are new here you catch up on previous Cindy drama here, here, here, here, and oh, there are more but we are tired of linking.

Thank goodness she didn’t win.


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