Lookey, lookey. Someone still hasn’t gotten the message.

It’s okay Snowball.  We will tell everyone all they need to know about this.


Cindy, I will PIA you to the death, Rose is preparing to throw her hat back in the Board of Education ring. Again. We are counting. She has lost twice so far. We are happy for her to go ahead and lose a third time.

Her assertion that she espouses conservative common sense values unlike those touchy feely progressives is ridiculous. Common sense is not subjective.

Your yokels are on the case and prepared to remind you of all her past and planned nonsense. First you must read this diatribe.

All the cofevee in one place!


We have our own opinions on who is irrational around here. You can make up your own mind.


Click here for a refresher on Cindy Rose.

Or here,

Or here,

Or even here.

That is enough links for today.

4 thoughts on “Lookey, lookey. Someone still hasn’t gotten the message.

  1. Cindy,

    Your values and the values of the community you live in do not match. Please stop harassing people or move.

    Now: if these were ideas that hadn’t been tried before, like rights for polygamists or for personhood for animals or something, I might be sympathetic. Hell, i might even be on board.

    Thing is, your ideas are how things used to be done. The majority of the people in this county don’t want to go backwards. They made that clear by rejecting you from public office.

    There are plenty of communities out in this country who still operate based on the principles you espouse. I recommend you go try one of them.


  2. Also: “frederick county needs to decide” … uh, we did. For someone who talks about listening to logic and reason you seem to have some issues with understanding elementary level civics and math.

    Also: a 100lb gorilla is a spectacularly small gorilla. Alternative facts, i guess.


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