You tried.

Cindy Rose was recently defeated in the most significant loss in our BoE history, but like Jason Voorhees, she is back. Today the FNP published her LTE rehashing some issues seen in that Google Drive thingamabob with her communications to FCPS in it. As Constitution Day’s biggest fan, she is upset over the change to Citizenship Day. In her LTE she appears to be perplexed over why FCPS won’t spend all day every day discussing the Constitution. (Because they are not the ACLU? Because you have to learn to read *and* comprehend before you read the Constitution? It could be anything, really…).

Woven in is some irrelevant claim about Common Core being about feelings (whut? thank goodness she did not win! You deserve a gold star, Frederick County!). As long as you get your talking points in, that’s what matters.

This same person who says that learning about our Constitution helps you understand that opinions of others are going to make you uncomfortable also has written to the school to tell them that she didn’t like books she hadn’t read, and expected them to stop teaching them. Hellooooooooo. Is anyone home? First Amendment. You’re doing it wrong. Reading comprehension, as well. What were we saying before about starting with the skills before leaping ahead to the content?

Have a participation trophy.
Have a participation trophy.

She makes a seemingly irrelevant dig at people unable to accept the results of an election. Honestly, anyone who isn’t concerned has obviously had their history, economics, government, and/or spiritual eduction fail them at some point. So, cough cough, if the shoe fits… The best part, though, is how this line of upset creates a beautiful backdrop for another bit of fun from the Frederick News Post today about Our Very Own Shrelauter being unable to cope with the results of a local election that occurred two stinking years ago! Fun times, Frednecks!

She goes on to criticize Dr. Alban for a statement about our rights as citizens being guaranteed by the Constitution, saying Dr. Alban doesn’t know where our rights come from. Odd for someone so obsessed with the document to be so confused by it.

4 thoughts on “You tried.

  1. All local yokels, make sure you attend tomorrow’s County Council meeting since they will be electing a new President
    and Vice President for the Council. Let’s fill the room in case Shrelauter don’t get who we support! We cannot depend on their mental comprehension skills! Visual cues are undisputable! We owe Bud and MC that just for the misery they have to endure from these political obstructionists. Please come and bring a friends! It’s the yokel thing to do!


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