A day ending in y. Again.

Yes, folks, Billy is again doing something stupid.

Today there is a letter to the editor printed in the Frederick News Post vilifying everyone but himself for the incident. ICYMI: he inappropriately hosted and photographed the Boy Scouts in the house of our county government–the one run by Democrats and Republicans alike–all adorned with Trump campaign materials. The nerve of this man child, really.

He insists that everyone else apologize and throw a pizza party for the scouts. Which really, someone should start a gofundme for that. We are obviously too lazy to run fundraisers as nonpologies; we have too much fundraising to do for our own kids’ activities. ProMomTip Billy: Costco sized pizza is $10 at Costco. He has abdicated the opportunity to go high, just like  when his pal did the very same thing and threw a misguided tantrum and lashed out at the Catoctin High School athletics program because he was mad about county government ethics rulings, so other people picked up the slack and found a way to fill the void.

Once again, Billy seems just like Trump. Not my fault. You guys made the mistake. You owe everyone. BigLig.

Speaking of which, keep an eye on little Billy today if you are a local Republican. Trump will be up in Gettysburg at an invitation only event, and if you’re not careful Billy will be up there loaning all your money to a guy with a long standing reputation for not paying people back.

Yes, Billy. It's really this simple.
Yes, Billy. It’s really this simple.


One thought on “A day ending in y. Again.

  1. Today, I heard Billy Shreve is bringing a sexual harassment case against Bud Otis. He was interviewed on WFMD on the Saturday morning show. He stated that he approached Bud in the
    hallway at Winchester Hall, and asked to put something on the agenda. Bud said “no.” I can only paraphrase what Billy Shreve said. It was not the way to proceed with getting anything on the agenda
    when the Council was not meeting, and to put it in writing. Billy asked what else he could do to do it.
    With all the rudeness and obstructionism that Billy has demonstrated repeatedly towards Bud, Billy said that Bud responded by saying that “he could get on his knees.” I suppose to beg, however, Billy inferred that it was to perform a sexual act on him. Only someone who is in the closet would think this way. So now, he is going to waste the county’s time and money, trying to embarrass not only Mr. Otis,
    but Frederick County! Personally, I am tired of the total nonsense that comes out of his mouth. What a total waste of an important position on the Council. I have observed Mr. Otis, and he is a wise legislator as well as a true gentleman. The irony of the situation is he was a member of the old BOCC,
    where he worked under a real sexual abuser. If I was a constituent of his, I would start a recall effort to get an ignoramus that was representing me off the Council as soon as possible. He is definitely
    “a deplorable.”


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