#kirbydelauter throws online tantrum (again), refuses to donate to kids

JeezLouise. This guy. He’s clearly mad that Frederick County (belatedly joining the rest of Maryland) is also not going to be hiring its council persons to do their construction work. Airing his grievances like this happens to really get our knickers into knots. If his business was so dependent upon Frederick County in order to profit, the least he could have done was sincerely look for other donors to help Catoctin High School Athletics. Assuming a county school would be unlikely to get into a political brouhaha with a county council member, we will ask on his disgusting, self-serving behalf.

Is anyone more despicable than this? Just gross.
Is anyone more despicable than this? Just gross.

So hey, if you should find yourself in a position to be generous,  consider sending some coin to the extra-curricular programs at our stretched-thin schools. Since this guy’s mad at some other council members, he’s taking it out on the students. Publicly. Because #kirbydelauter cannot learn from past mistakes.

Oh, and if this is staged and did not actually affect the status of a donation–and it well could be–pretending to be stingy with kids because you’re mad at adults is just as bad, in that you still look like the same jerk. But dumber, because you want to show everyone you’re awful, and that is facepalm stupid.

If you have specific contact information to  process donations or promote fundraisers for student activities in Frederick County, please feel free to share in our social media contacts.

7 thoughts on “#kirbydelauter throws online tantrum (again), refuses to donate to kids

  1. Implying that, yes. It also appears to be nonsense. The Washington Times reported that he has not had a contract with the county in the last 4 1/2 years. So he is feigning a problem that if existed would seemingly hint at corruption, acting out impetuously on social media, and has explained that indeed he intends to do everything in his power to appear as a big jerk. Somehow he thinks this is the way to stick it to other council members. It’s very confusing. Would have loved to see the expression on Jen Fifield’s face as he explained his plans. We assumed he would take down the posted photo of his scrawl on the CHS fundraiser solicitation. A wiser man would apologize for lashing out at people who have nothing to do with what upset him. Instead he was all, “Oh, just you wait. I am just getting started at this lashing out stuff…”


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