Charter Amendments 101: Chmelik Logical Analysis

The Yokel desk is trying to do their charter amendments homework and we find that we need a tutor. What do all y’all make of this crazy sandwich of proposed amendments from Tony Chmelik?

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.25.47 PM

And then he goes on to put the peanut butter n’ fluff in, where he asks for the compensation for the County Executive to be nearly doubled from $95,000 to $180,000. That is highlighted as an amount equal to 125% of the average Frederick County household income. Plus he also strikes through the part where said officeholder can’t hold other offices or work in other capacities.  And then if you will follow along, you will see more of the same from above in his 6th Amendment. Pay attention to the parts in bold; those are the proposed changes…

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.25.21 PM

And of course, we know that County Executive Jan Gardner does not support the aforementioned amendments to the charter that would drastically increase the CE salary.


Jan no want mo money


The question is, what is he playing at? And we seem to recall him having derisive things to say at the previous Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) Update when he talked about professional officeholders like they have in <<gasp, clutch pearls>> Montgomery County. Them durned professionals. And yet here he is, acting like an executive should be extra high and mighty. And for what? Is this so Kirby gets a sweet deal if (Bast forbid) he is elected to the CE position? Doesn’t it seem like Kirby is always trying to get a sweet deal from the guv’mint?

This is a have cake, eat it, too, vision, is it not? Coming from the corner of constant bellyaching that according to their intimate acquaintances with them, the Founding Fathers didn’t want professionals in government. Now (Tax & Spend?) Tony wants the executive to be ultra compensated and be allowed to continue to run their construction businesses, or what have you? And FWIW, we can all be pretty sure our forefathers had neither Billy Shreve nor Kirby Delauter in mind as ideals. In fact, they’d have been tragically disappointed by a look ahead into 2016, now wouldn’t they?!

Is this some set up for these human impediments to a functioning society to start in with their buyer’s remorse about the charter government? Probably. And boy howdy, will that be a long winded bellows of misery. It will probably even rival Kirby’s infinite poutrage about the teachers voting on the BOE budget (and in the end the teachers still get no raises, as it turns out–an irony totally lost on that idiot). If they were planning to repeal the charter, as they’ve been hinting at, why bother crafting amendments? Or is the idea to sabotage it from within?

Frederick County Politics would have given the nations forefathers an attack of indigestion.

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