There’s no easy way to say this…..we actually had a pretty nice meeting.

Fetch us our smelling salts!
Fetch us our smelling salts!

With the Facebook and WFMD insults flying around like rice at a wedding we were sure this meeting was going to be a Class A disaster.  Pleasant surprises, or perhaps it’s our lowered expectations, sometimes come forth in the shape of a county council workshop.

There were only two items on tonight’s agenda. Jerry puts forth the suggestion that perhaps everyone leave their cell phones to the side. A good one we think. We’ve noticed two people in particular who seem to have their heads buried in their devices (wonder who they are texting…). The procedures for the council are now up for vote. Even though Billy got some of the changes he wanted, he and Kirby still vote no. Tony’s not on the bandwagon this week so it passes 5-2.

Next up our wonderful county employees give a nice presentation on solar utility fields. If you recall, back in February County Executive Gardner put a halt to this because the county had seen a sharp increase in applications. Therefore, it was deemed prudent to study the issue so the county could have some clear guidelines. We have to say the discussion was pretty nice. Kirby was concerned that the bond that would allow the government to remove solar fields that haven’t been used in over a year constituted illegal government seizure of property. But he took the explanation well and was rather subdued. His demeanor caused a flurry of texts between your Yokel gals; not sure what exactly is going on there.

Everyone else had some good points and questions, even SOME of Billy’s were reasonable. However, he disagrees with the notion that fences should be put up because he doesn’t believe that deer would bother the panels. Even though those who actually have experience with them say they do. And there was some point (and we use that word lightly) about how the Appalachian Trial is high so therefore you can’t hide the solar fields from it.  And why does he always have to act as though he’s an expert on every single subject when he so clearly is not?

The council will think on this and come up with some suggestions before the July 15th deadline. There may even be a public hearing so, if you have a dog in this fight, make sure you check the county website.


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