Your Yokel former brides read this story in the FNP this morning. It’s about Shrelauters BFFs at the tree farm/illicit wedding business. Even though the county has tried to be sensitive to the engaged couples, their families, and their friends, who may have planned to come attend a wedding, the business has yet to apply for the temporary permits they could be granted in order to keep the scheduled weddings. Is this over a philosophical disagreement of some kind?

Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking…into the future. So it’s looking less and less like they are going to get their act together. This is really pretty outrageous, and why Shrelauter decided to pick a fight to defend this particular “upstanding” business is an ongoing enigma. Looking like basic dimwits, per usual. Also, probably all this attention is not really doing their dopey BFFs any favors in the marketing department.

It's all that matters.
It’s all that matters.

The Shrubbery Farm Wedding of Your Dreams’ event coordinators aren’t answering the phone for the FNP reporter, so we won’t bother calling for comment. Aside: we’re joking. You know that right? We don’t call for comments, which is why you still have to subscribe to a local newspaper if you want to have an unsnarkified and objective account of what is happening in Frederick County politics. We will always bend over backwards at any opportunity to reignite a conversation with the main idea being what a public embarrassment Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter are. Apparently they are determined to make sure we can say something about it. Every. Single. Day.