How low can we go?


You may have heard that the scourge of modern day American politics slithered his way out to Hagerstown yesterday. What you may not have heard is that Blaine, Kirby and Billy decided to get the band back together so they could scream like a bunch of groupies at a Justin Bieber concert.

Someone needs to work on their selfie technique. What's going on with Kirby? And poor Billy, put in the back again.
Someone needs to work on their selfie technique. What’s going on with Kirby? And poor Billy, put in the back again.

Blaine, Kirby and Billy have all been very vocal about their support of Trump. Billy seems especially giddy over the possibility of a Trump presidency. Look what he said to the FNP:

Shreve, who is also running as a delegate to the national convention, said Trump’s comments mirrored the campaign promises of himself and Delauter.


“It’s really similar to the things we said when we ran for office. He said, ‘We’re open for business,’” Shreve said after the speech. “If he wins, you’re going to see our style of politics get big again in Frederick County.”

Hear that folks? “Really similar.” And do we want that “style” of politics back in Frederick County?

We’ve made no secret how we feel about Trump, and how dangerous his rhetoric is. Not to mention the fact that he has absolutely no experience nor does he possess the temperament to be President of our fine nation. It’s nice to know some of our local politicians admire these traits in him.


One thought on “How low can we go?

  1. Did the taxpayers of Frederick County pick up the cost of the company shirt from the man under the sky blue & white baseball hat ( Wild Billy)?

    Why are so many on the “viewers right” grinning so much as they look to our FC celebrities?

    Please keep our future events calendar up to date?


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