Best of LY 2015

This year has flown by and we wanted to recap some of our own LY posts. In case you missed one. Because by Athena’s ghost, this stuff should not have been missed! Think of this as our very own Top 5 posts of the year! But, oops, we are including 7. We’re counting like a Council Member y’all. Hiccup. We may have been reliving a drinking game while we typed this. Burp.


 Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, it did.  You may recall that a certain # decided to not so subtlety NOT contribute to CHS athletics.  The whole community rallied to help. Then some cranky-pants complained. Boo hiss. This is surely #7 because we don’t have the patience for all these antics. Take note of this issue. You’ll see more of it on the list.



Billy, Billy, Billy. We still crack up at those briefs.



Billy is more of an idea man rather than an actual do stuff kinda guy. Too bad he can’t get anyone to actually implement his ideas,because he certainly isn’t going to. I mean doesn’t Jan know that’s part of her job? Jeeze….




Oh the outrage over the cutting of Freshman sports. Blaine is still bitching about it. But not a word over teachers losing their jobs or no new textbooks. That’s all secondary to some.




And let’s not forget the eminent domain scandal of 2015. Billy was really flailing around with this one.



Ah, this was a good one. We got to give out an award! And fisticuffs were narrowly avoided at that Council Meeting. Glad everyone made it out physically unscathed. Too bad our minds weren’t so fortunate.



#Kirbydelauter was by far our most popular post. And, it actually warms our heart because it was all for the kids (you know we mean our hearts are warm from all you readers reading – not from #’s nasty note). As noted in #7, our wonderful Kirby was not going to give any of his company hard earned cold cash to those kids over at CHS, who just want to play football. 


Here’s hoping that next year won’t be as cray cray, then again we just saw this:

How are the dogs going to defend themselves?
How are the dogs going to defend themselves?



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